Life with the Bs

I want it painted black


(Tim sang my title song while painting)

When I saw these doors on Honey We’re Home, I had to try it.  The door to our basement is in our living room and I knew it would look great in black.  We used Behr Stealth Jet.  It’s not a stark black, it’s got some brown in it and even looks grey at some angles.

basementdoorI was so happy with the way that it turned out that we Tim painted the pantry door the next day.  The little hand prints will be easy to hide now!  I forgot to get a before picture so you get Janie, the bear.

pantrydoorI was worried that it would be too dark since our kitchen is red but I think it looks so much better than that bright white door.  Thanks for the inspiration, Megan!


3 thoughts on “I want it painted black

  1. So fun! Bold, but it turned out great!

  2. I love black doors. I’ve done my exterior because I am worried about the darkness.. and I don’t want to mix and match I have hesitated on the interior. Do you think it is distracting to only have SOME black doors or do you not tend to notice? I’m curious. You are braver than me to try it out! But they really are beautiful.

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