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Winter Break

We left cold, icy Georgia last week for warm, sunny Arizona!

Arizona 004

We had a great time visiting family and the weather was awesome!  I also learned how to fly with a 5 year old.  Get two seats in a row and two more seats in the row behind it.  Then put Nolan in the seat behind Janie.  That way, she is the one that has to deal with tray table movement and kicking.  She’s much more forgiving than strangers!

We made a trip to Jerome, went to the Wildlife Zoo, and Cave Creek.

Arizona 002 Arizona 011 Arizona 015 Arizona 022 Arizona 036 Arizona 044 Arizona 047

We had a great time and love Arizona (in the winter)!

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What’s new

I wanted to pop in and say hello.  No big updates but I have a few little ones.

  • Tim and Janie attended their 5th father daughter dance.  The theme was Candyland so Janie was in heaven!  dsc_1508a
  • Nolan had baseball assessments and he’s an Angel this season.  Let’s hope he behaves like one too!
  • Janie is going to give swim team a shot.  She’s not a super strong swimmer yet so I think it will be great for her!
  • I read the Orphan Train and loved it.  I remember stories about my great grandpa being on the Orphan Train and the book really piqued my interest.  I called my grandma to get more information and she said they didn’t know much.  I did some research and have contacted the hospital that they think placed him on the Orphan Train.  We hope to get his birth certificate as well as some information on his birth parents and possible siblings.  It may take a few months to hear back but I’m really excited and hopeful that I can provide my grandma with some information on her father and his life before the Orphan Train.
  • We are still living without a microwave and surviving!  I think we actually have a plan in place to remove it and do something like this…..

That’s about all I’ve got for now!

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$20 Credit for MyHabit

Good morning!  MyHabit is offering a $20 credit to you and me with your first purchase using my referral link!  They have great deals on children’s clothing and shoes so you may be able to get something for free!  MyHabit is one of my favorite daily deal sites.  Deals start at 12pm EST.  You can use my Amazon credits and they ship quickly.  My latest purchase was this coat and I love it!

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Prayer Blankets

I’ve mentioned before that our church has a ministry that makes prayer blankets.  I’ve given out a number of blankets and they are such a blessing to the recipients.  The priest blesses them and we all pray over the blankets while making them.  Then we continue to pray for the people that receive a blanket so they are truly covered in prayer.

Since Janie received a sewing machine for Christmas, I thought it would be cool to bring her to the Sew-a-thon so she could see what it was all about.  The ladies were so welcoming!  One lady told her to sit down at her machine and she let Janie sew one.  Janie decided that was the blanket that she wanted to give to my dad for his upcoming rotor cuff surgery.  She followed it through the whole process and we delivered it to my dad that evening.

CAM02018 CAM02020

His surgery went well and he’s recovering with his prayer blanket on his lap!  They told Janie that she is welcome to bring her own machine next time.  We have to train her early since I don’t have much to offer at the Sew-a-thon.  I lack in both sewing and ironing skills!

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5 on Friday

I’m a little late on this but happy new year!  Monday morning at 7am, I sat and enjoyed the silence.  After 2 weeks of crazy, I was happy to get back to work.

  • I just finished reading the Legend series.  It was good but not my favorite (I think that title belongs to Divergent).  I’m starting Gone Girl now.
  • We have tickets to a prescreening of Pattington.  I’m so excited!  I have a Pattington Bear that I received after driving the car down the driveway at 3 years old so he holds a special place in my heart.
  • I’m back on the working out regularly bandwagon.  I went to Zumba for an hour and followed that up with C25K on my first day back at working out after a month off.  My hip flexors were really hurting the next day.  After 3 workouts, I’m feeling better.
  • I ordered these curtains for our dining room off of myhabit yesterday.  With my Amazon gift cards for swagbucks, they came to $23!

  • I’ve been working on trying to get this house organized.  I listed some things on Freecycle.  You would be amazed at the stuff people will take off of your hands.  I got rid of all of my old Magic Bullet pieces even though I don’t have the bullet.  I also went through our coat closet and donated 3 coats.  I really love getting rid of stuff!


Christmas Wrap Up

Was Christmas really last week?  I’m still in vacation mode and it’s a good thing since I’m back on it for 2 days tomorrow.  Vacation mode takes practice!  We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family, friends, and food.

I hosted my Christmas cookie exchange again this year and sadly, didn’t take one picture!  We had a great turnout with lots of new faces.  And I made too much chicken salad again so we ate it for days.  I make it once a year and then eat it for a week and don’t want it again for another year!

We hosted Tim’s extended family the eve of Christmas eve.  We exchange silly gifts wrapped in newspaper.  Some of them have been passed around for decades.  This year, we happened to create Santa and his reindeer.  The younger kids thought this was awesome and wanted to prance around the room.  The older cousins, not so much!

Dec 2014 003

Janie sang with the Angel Choir for the pageant and Christmas Eve Mass.  My nieces were angels in the pageant.  We tried to talk Nolan into being an animal but he wasn’t interested.

Dec 2014 001

Christmas morning was spent at home with just the 4 of us.  Janie got a sewing machine.  Thanks to YouTube, we are sewing professionals.  I can really see getting into this!

Dec 2014 034

The boy that doesn’t play with toys got a sound activated plasma ball.  Yes, those are veins popping out in his neck!  What was Santa thinking?

Dec 2014 043

We spent the rest of Christmas day with my family for more food and fun.  We had free tickets to the Georgia Aquarium so we used those on Friday.  It was packed but still a good time!

Dec 2014 059

We celebrated with Tim’s family on Sunday.  We had a great week of festivities in honor of the birth of our Savior!

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He still needs a nap

Nolan has a summer birthday.  I didn’t think much about it until party time and all his friends were out of town.  But when we were getting close to Kindergarten, people started asking me if I was going to send him.  Of course, why would I pay an extra year of childcare if I don’t have to?  The cut off is in September and his birthday is well before that!  The more I talked to people, the more stories I heard about people doing 2 years of PreK or a year of private Kindergarten and a year of public Kindergarten.  I was all confused…..I thought he was ready!  I talked to his PreK teacher towards the end of the school year and asked what she thought.  She assured me that he was ready.  So in August, he went off to Kindergarten.

Things have been great!  He loves it, he’s learning all his sight words, and only changing his color on occasion (Angelica TOLD him to throw food in the lunchroom).  I was pleasantly surprised at how well he was doing.  However, he started falling asleep on the bus ride home.  They are the first stop so the ride is all of about 10 minutes.  He would come home and melt down.  No fun for anyone!  I realized that he’s a young 5 year old and the boy still needs a nap.  They don’t have nap time in Kindergarten anymore.  We usually have an 8 o’clock bedtime on school nights but this wasn’t cutting it for Nolan.  I bumped his bedtime up to 7 – 7:30.  What a difference it has made!  No more after school melt downs.  He’s well rested and hasn’t been falling asleep on the bus.  I can’t believe that 30 minutes could make such a big difference!


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