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Third trimester update

I made it to the 3rd trimester!  Finding out what you’re having at 11 weeks makes for a very long pregnancy.  Having two kids that aren’t very patient doesn’t help either but the end is near.  We’ll be meeting this little guy soon.

How far along:  28 weeks

Baby size:  A large eggplant

Total weight gain:  21 lbs

Sleep:  Not so great between bathroom breaks and back pain

Maternity clothes:  Yes, I’m huge!  I have a number of people ask when I’m due and when I say November, they’re shocked because I look like I’m due next week.  I’ve also gotten the “are you sure it’s not twins” comments.  Being 5’2, there is no where to go but out.

Food cravings:  Carbs and ice cream

Food aversions:  Meat.  Tomato sauce gives me horrible heartburn so I’m steering clear of that too.

Symptoms:  I’m being tested for Cholestasis of Pregnancy.  I had this condition with Janie and I’m itching again.

Appointments:  I’m seeing the perinatologist in a couple of weeks to discuss the plan.  With Janie, I had amniocentesis to make sure her lungs were good and then they induced me at 36 weeks.  We’ll see how my bile acids come back and go from there.

Movement:  This boy is very active!  He is the most active of all 3 pregnancies and favors my right side.

Gender:  Boy.  His name is Asa Robert.

What I miss:  Sushi, wine, and sleep

Nursery progress:  It’s complete.  I’ve had wonderful friends and neighbors pass all kinds of stuff to us.  I think we have all of the necessities covered.