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Happy Easter

He is Risen!  We had a great Easter weekend.  Janie was out of school on Friday.  She has an Easter egg hunt with friends and then a birthday party.  Such a busy girl!Easter 009Nolan had an Easter bonnet parade at school.  There were no tears when he spotted us for this parade!

Easter 022We dyed Easter eggs and made cake pops on Saturday.

Easter 037Easter 046This was my first stab at cake pops.  I think I was a little ambitious for my first try. The cake ball maker was great but icing them and the putting the eggs on the nest, that was another story!  They turned out pretty cute though.

After celebrating at church, we went to brunch with Tim’s family and then to dinner at my parent’s house.  It was a great day!

CousinsEaster 067Easter 056Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3

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I’ve got big calves and I cannot lie

I hope you can figure out the song above 🙂  I have been on a search for a good pair of black boots all winter with no luck.  I have big calves and it’s hard to find boots that I can tuck jeans into.  I had pretty much given up on black boots.  Until I ran into these at Kohl’s the other day. were in a box that said size 7 and was marked down from $99.99 to $9.99….score!  I tried them on and they zipped over my jeans, not even skinnies.  I was so excited!  I thought that my foot felt a little snug so I looked at the size on the boot and they were a size 6…..bummer.  I search all over to see if I could find the 7 only to realize that the box they were in was a different brand.  I brought them up front to see if they had another pair in the store.  They didn’t but she confirmed that they were $9.99 and also marked down from $99.99.  After checking online and other stores, they told me that this was pretty much the last pair of these boots anywhere.

What did I do?  I bought boots that are a size too small but look great, fit over my jeans and came to $9 with my coupon!  Moral of the story……if the shoe doesn’t fit but it’s a great buy, you deal with sore feet.  We will see if I feel the same way next winter, after wearing the boots a few times.

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What’s New

It has been a rough week but I know that life goes on.  The Smith family is never far from my mind though.  Please continue to pray for them!

With Janie’s birthday, I never got a chance to post pictures of her leprechaun catcher.  This was one of our first big school projects and I can honestly say that I’m not excited about them!  Oh well, we got it done and turned in.

7th birthday 001Check out Nolan’s new kicks.  I got these shipped to the house for $9 from Myhabit using two Amazon gift cards that I got with my Swagbucks!  He loves his new “shark shoes”.

CAM00625Our dog broke out in hives last week.  It freaked us out!  After some Benadryl and taking him out front, instead of the backyard, we figured out it was the Moo-Nure that Tim bought for our garden!

CAM00631(1)Since we are still having winter weather (we had snow today), we treated our dry hands to some paraffin wax this evening.

CAM00644Tim even joined the soft hands club!

CAM00645(1)Is anyone else watching Smash?  I’m still watching but they need a good story line soon because they’re losing me!

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Balance Bike

Have you heard of a balance bike?  We have a few friends that got one for their kids and raved about it.  Considering that Janie still doesn’t ride a bike, I thought it might be a good idea to get one for Nolan.  Luckily, Santa came through!

CAM00621A balance bike has no pedals.  The child uses their feet to make the bike go and then just lifts up their legs to balance.  When they feel unsteady or slow down, they can simply put their feet down.  Once they have the balance thing down, there is no need for training wheels.  Nolan already has it down and I think he may be ready for a pedal bike.  It’s pretty amazing!

CAM00623It’s hard to get an action shot with the boy!

Balance bikes can be quite expensive.  I have seen them on Zulily and Totsy at decent prices.  Santa told me that he found this one at Tuesday Morning.  The seat moves up and down.  We have it on the lowest setting for Nolan.  It holds up to 50 lbs.

Now, what do you do about a 7 year old that has no interest in riding a bike???

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One more day

Dakotah was my “camper” at MDA camp for a number of years.  Yesterday, she lost her battle with Muscular Dystrophy, although there is nothing about this girl that said loser.  Dakotah was a fighter!  She never let MD hold her back.  She was a great power soccer player and trained all over the world.  Dakotah went to college, lived on campus, got a job and lived on her own.  She was such a strong person.  Dakotah was not afraid of death.  I know that she is running through Heaven today.

Our last picture together

Cookie & Christmas 041 Summer 2012 104109_0968

Other than people that are related to me, I think Dakotah was the biggest fan of my blog.  If I had one more day with her on this earth, we would have planned that lunch that we talked about last month so I could meet her new nephew.  I would have told her what an impact she had on my life and that I love her.  Dakotah, you will be greatly missed!

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Birthday weekend

We had a weekend full of birthday festivities!  It started with an Accelerated Reader party at school.  The kids got to bring in board games so that was lots of fun.

Then we had our first birthday sleepover!  We had eight girls over and all but one spent the night.  That’s a lot of little girls but it really wasn’t so bad.  They were asleep about 11:30 and up about 7:30.

7th birthday 019Pizza time

7th birthday 021The nails and makeup cake

7th birthday 037c7th birthday 040The inside of the cake.  My best friend’s mom is amazing!

7th birthday 002Green chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

7th birthday 005These were our craft and party favor.  They are little slumber party cakes that the girls made with my best friend’s mom.  While half the group was making cakes, the other half was doing makeup.  They all chose RED lipstick!

7th birthday 006These were just too cute!

7th birthday 012Nolan even got to participate!

After Nolan’s baseball game on Saturday, Janie got to go home with my parents.  They went out to dinner and then she got to spend the night.  And on Sunday, we had dinner with both sets of grandparents at my in-laws house.  And the party continues because we are meeting my sister and nieces for dinner this week.

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7th Birthday

I cannot believe that it has been 7 years!

Janie new born

SPDJanie JanieYou were not the best newborn and showed me that although I loved babies and babysat for years, I truly had no idea what this parenthood thing was all about.  Luckily, we found the Baby Whisperer and got you on a schedule.  Since then, it has been smooth sailing.  You were a pretty good toddler, potty trained easily and early and have done great in school.  You are such a sweet girl and a social butterfly!  I always get great reports from your teachers.  You show lots of empathy and have a huge heart.  I’m proud to be your mom and I’m excited to see the woman that you become.  Happy 7th birthday, sweet Janie!

7th birthday 007

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As I mentioned, Janie woke up with croup on Sunday.  She seemed okay during the day but then woke up with fever on Monday.  Since her birthday party is on Friday and my kids are notorious for getting sick on birthdays and holidays, I wanted to get her checked out.  Her strep test came back negative so they told me to just treat her symptoms.  She rested yesterday and was feeling better today so I sent her to school.

Nolan had a follow up with the ENT today.  He got tubes when he was 11 months old.  One fell out but the other one is still in and he complains about that ear quite often.  Nolan has been acting fine, other than complaining about that ear.  Anyway, the doctor said that his ear looked good but his throat was red.  She did a strep test and it was positive!  This is the second time that he has been fine, we go to a ENT checkup and he’s got strep.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I never knew when he had an ear infection either.

Thankfully, strep has a quick fix.  I just hope that no one else gets it, especially our birthday girl!