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Prayer Blankets

I’ve mentioned before that our church has a ministry that makes prayer blankets.  I’ve given out a number of blankets and they are such a blessing to the recipients.  The priest blesses them and we all pray over the blankets while making them.  Then we continue to pray for the people that receive a blanket so they are truly covered in prayer.

Since Janie received a sewing machine for Christmas, I thought it would be cool to bring her to the Sew-a-thon so she could see what it was all about.  The ladies were so welcoming!  One lady told her to sit down at her machine and she let Janie sew one.  Janie decided that was the blanket that she wanted to give to my dad for his upcoming rotor cuff surgery.  She followed it through the whole process and we delivered it to my dad that evening.

CAM02018 CAM02020

His surgery went well and he’s recovering with his prayer blanket on his lap!  They told Janie that she is welcome to bring her own machine next time.  We have to train her early since I don’t have much to offer at the Sew-a-thon.  I lack in both sewing and ironing skills!

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Weekend Wrap Up

We dropped our Safe Families children off on Friday.  It was wonderful to see how happy they were to see their mom.  Janie was crying because she didn’t want to see them go.  Their mom was very grateful and excited about all the clothes that we had donated for them.  It’s been quiet around here this weekend!  I have a whole new perspective and I have to say that life with two kids really isn’t all that hard.

We were excited to watch the Dawgs with good food and friends.  A win would have been nice too but sadly that didn’t happen.


Nolan ended up with a fever and I’m not feeling so hot (I think my voice is about to go).  So the rest of the weekend was spent in pajamas.  Nolan took over a 4 hour nap.  I just hope he’s well enough for his surgery (tubes and adenoids) this week!

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Final week

This is our final week with our Safe Families children.  It’s really bitter sweet.  We’re excited that they will to be reunited with their family but we will miss them.  Nolan is going to miss his live in playmates.  He’s always asking for play dates and he just had one for 5 weeks!  Janie took the picture below and we’re going to turn it in for the PTA Reflections program.  The theme was, the world would be a better place if……

Sept 001

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We received our 2nd placement through Safe Families this weekend.  It’s a sibling pair that are school aged.  I got everyone registered at school this morning.  It felt a bit like I was signing my life away after just doing this for my own children last week.  I’m sure they’ll come home with more forms too.  So far so good!  They are great kids and will hopefully be reunited with their mom soon.  In the meantime, we will try out this family of 6 thing!

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5 for Friday

  1. It’s crazy how much milk you go through with one extra person in the house.  I have literally made a milk run every night since Tuesday.  Yesterday I was smart and bought two gallons so I shouldn’t have to run out tonight, I hope!
  2. My children are awesome!  They have handled this transition so well.  Janie needs to be a social worker when she grows up, she has been amazing!
  3. I asked to try StitchFix for my Mother’s Day gift.  My first “fix” is scheduled for mid June.  I’ll let you know what I think.  I’ve heard great things so I’m hopeful that I’ll have some new pieces to wear soon.
  4. How great is this pillow cover?!?  I ordered it from GroopDealz and I think it was made for this chaise. June 007
  5. I’m on week 3 of Couch to 5K and I still hate it.  At what stage does running become enjoyable?  It’s obviously beyond week 3.

Have a great weekend!


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We’ve got a match

I picked up our first placement though Safe Families yesterday afternoon.  He’s not going to be here long, just a few days, so it’s really a perfect way to try this out.  So far, so good!  My kids have really enjoyed having him here and all of our toys are new to him so it’s like my kids are seeing them for the first time as well.  Please pray for this child and his family, that they can be reunited soon.  We’ll enjoy him in the meantime!

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Just do it

We offer our prayers, sympathy, and help to people that are struggling.  But how often do we actually take care of a need?  I’m guilty of this too.  We tell them to reach out if they need anything with both parties knowing that’s unlikely.  Maybe we’re thinking, I’ve done my part by putting the offer out there but was it really an offer or more of an empty promise?

We have a neighbor that suddenly lost her husband late last year.  I put a card in her mailbox a month or two later to let her know that we were praying and said to let us know if there is anything that we can do.  Of course, she never asked.  I drove by her house this week and noticed that her lawn hadn’t been mowed.  The thought of mowing for her crossed my mind.  Then she tagged one of my friends in a post on FB about this topic.  Don’t wait for someone else to act.  If you see a need, take care of it.  Yesterday, my dad’s lawn service went out and took care of her lawn.

My parents had to move from the home that they lived in for 20 years earlier this year.  My mom mentioned to one of their neighbors at church one weekend that they were moving.  That Saturday, four neighbors showed up at their front door ready to help load the moving truck.  We really couldn’t have done it without them!

Look for a way to bless someone this week……let them go in front of you at the grocery store, mow a lawn, make a dinner, buy a coffee, or babysit for a friend.  Don’t offer, just do it!