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Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was a lot of fun.  We had reservations for a character lunch at Tusker House.  It was nice to sit down and have a good meal, all you can eat buffet at that!  The food was very different but delicious.  Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey were there.

Highlights at Animal Kingdom:  The Safari was great.  Nolan got to see a real cheetah (only his favorite animal because he can run as fast as one).  We ran into Pocahontas with no line!  Tim loved Expedition Everest.

Disney 074 Disney 136

Low lights at Animal Kingdom:  They close the animal stuff down early.  We wanted to do the safari again but didn’t get a chance.  The parade was cute but there wasn’t much shade.

The Magic Kingdom was our last stop.  Walking up to the gate, you can tell that it’s the most popular park!  The line for Peter Pan was around an hour all day.  I tried to get a Fast Pass for it but we couldn’t get one until 9:45pm so we passed on Peter Pan.

Highlights at Magic Kingdom:  The Electric Parade is awesome.  We watched the fireworks from the ferry and they were great.  Everyone loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Disney 013 Disney 022

Low lights at Magic Kingdom:  The crowds!  Being the most visited place in the world, I guess you should expect large crowds but I checked the crowd calendar and that was a “slow” day.  I can’t imagine what a busy day looks like!  We never even made it to Tomorrowland.

Here are the posts on Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Overall, we had a great trip!  We brought our lunch into the park every day, except the day we had the character lunch.  This saved time and money because most the time, we just ate in line.  We stayed onsite in the past and I honestly don’t see much of a difference staying offsite.  It’s $15 to park each day but it was worth is to have our own kitchen and bedrooms at the condo.  I also don’t see a need for the Park Hopper pass because you really can’t get through a park in a day and you lose at least an hour getting from one park to the other.  Four parks in 4 days was a lot.  I think I would recommend doing 2 days, taking a day off and going back for 2 more.  I feel like I figured out the best way to Fast Pass at the end of the trip.  I recommend going to rides with no lines first and then get Fast Passes midday.  I think we wasted a few Fast Passes by getting them for stuff in the morning when there wasn’t much of a line anyway.

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I love Epcot.  It’s been my favorite park since I was little.  I will always remember the Horizon’s ride where you get to pick how you travel back to the present.  It’s too bad that they replaced it with Mission Space (a ride I will never ride, even though they have a lighter version now).

We had a great day at Epcot.  We went to Soarin’ first and got there before they had a wait.  Nolan must have a fear of heights because he really didn’t like it.  The rest of us loved it though.  We got Fast Passes (tip: there is a Fast Pass kiosk behind the ball at Mission Space.  Luckily, a family from Michigan told me about it while we were waiting for the park to open.  We walked back there and sure enough, there was no line).  We visited many of the countries and sampled some of their cuisine.  It really takes awhile to walk through them all.  I wish we had more time.

Highlights at Epcot:  Soarin’ and Test Track were crowd favorites.  We also enjoyed Spaceship Earth, although my in-laws listened to it in French because they didn’t hit English fast enough.  We also met a number of characters at Epcot because the line was so short.

Disney 066

Disney 027

Low lights at Epcot:  I just wish we had more time to walk around the World Showcase.

I think Epcot was the favorite park for most of us.  Both kids and adults really enjoyed it!


New Do

I was doing the dreaded ab roller at bootcamp on Saturday and suddenly felt someone pulling my hair.  It took me a minute to realize that I was rolling over my own hair!  Yep, it was time for a cut.


Janie and I were able to donate 20 inches to Locks of Love.  It was fun to do it together and it’s amazing how 10 inches makes you feel 10 pounds lighter.  Because it was kind of on a whim, Tim and Nolan got a nice surprise when they came home from Nolan’s game.  Nolan said, “Your hair looks pretty.”  Sweet boy!

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Downtown Disney and Hollywood Studios

About 6 months ago, I found out that my mother in law had never been to Disney World so we decided that we would go for Janie’s winter break.  The weather was beautiful, especially after our snow last week!  We arrived on Saturday evening and checked into our condo.  We rented through Magical Vacation Homes and it was perfect!  Only a few miles from the park and the condo was really nice.

Disney 028

After attending mass, we went to meet up with some friends/family at Downtown Disney.  The plan was to eat at T Rex.  I tried to make reservations but they were already booked by the time I called.  I should have taken this as a sign and gone somewhere else.  Downtown Disney was packed!  We arrived a little after 7pm and they said that they could seat us at 9:45.  We ended up eating very expensive fast food at Downtown Disney.  After seeing that crowd, I was afraid of what we would find at the parks!

We went to Hollywood Studios on Sunday.  The crowds weren’t too bad.  We got Fast Passes right away.  This is where I learned not to get a Fast Pass for shows.  It’s really a waste of a Fast Pass.  I also decided that we didn’t need to bring a stroller to the parks after the first day.  Nolan wasn’t all that fond of sitting in it and you have to park your stroller and then go back and get it (sometimes at another location).

Highlights of Hollywood Studios:  The Stunt Show and Beauty and the Beast were great.  We got to meet Buzz, Woody and Jake.

Disney 050

Disney 073

Low lights of Hollywood Studios:  We stood in line for about 30 minutes for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and then they announced that everyone needed to turn around….bummer!  I hated Star Tours.  It was Nolan’s first thrill ride and he just met the 40 inch height requirement.  He kept asking when it would be over.  Thankfully, Janie chose not to go on it!

Disney 075

Overall, I wasn’t all that impressed with Hollywood Studios.  Of course, we didn’t get to experience their two major rides.  Tim wanted to ride Tower of Terror but the line was too long and we had used all of our Fast Passes.

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The Truth

I try to be truthful on my blog.  Our life, house, kids, are far from perfect and I don’t think I pretend to be (I hope I don’t).  But I know pictures can come across that way.  Let’s take this picture for example…..

Feb 004It looks like my sweet 4 and 7 year olds worked together to build this very adorable snowman.  The snow was falling and we were happily playing outside.

Now here comes the truth…….this snowman was gone seconds after I snapped the picture.  He kept falling apart, Nolan stomped on the head, Janie got mad at Nolan.  There were tears because fingers were cold and socks were wet.  They tried to build another snowman but that one fell apart a number of times.  I had to tell them at least 4 times to stop eating the snow because our yard is also used as a bathroom by our dog.  So that’s the story behind the picture.  I know years from now, I will look at this picture at miss that 4 and 7 year old and I won’t remember the truth behind the picture.

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The warm up

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Considering that we’ve been stuck in the house for days and school is cancelled again, we don’t have many Valentine’s Day festivities going on here.  Nolan got to go to school but they didn’t know what they were going to do since the kids had been out for most of the week and there are most likely some children that didn’t bring valentines.

We enjoyed the snow while it lasted.

Feb 006 Feb 007 Feb 009 Feb 016

I was a little too excited to be at Kroger yesterday!  We are ready for things to warm up.  Come on spring!



Rome Sweet Home

I’ve been a Catechist for 7 years now.  I taught 4 year olds for 6 of those years.  My reasoning was that they wouldn’t be able to stump me.  We covered topics like God’s gift of water, light, animals, and fish.  Real deep stuff 🙂  I didn’t have the most pleasant experience teaching Janie’s class.  She would get upset if someone else wanted to sit next to me and other things like that.  With Nolan joining the 4 year old class this year, I thought it was best to have someone else teach him so I moved up to 1st grade.  First grade begins First Communion preparation so the children are learning a lot about our faith.

Last year, our director gifted each Catechist with the book Rome Sweet Home.  I brought it home, stuck it on my shelf, and didn’t pick it back up.  My mom was here after my surgery and she was telling me about the book.  Since I was still recovering with little else to do, I decided to pick it up.  I couldn’t put the book down!  It’s so powerful.  It made me want to get closer to my faith, be a better Catechist, and a better person overall.  The first class I taught after finishing the book was about Jesus as a teacher.  I was telling the kids how much Jesus loves us and how he wanted to share God’s love with everyone.  I started to get emotional as I told them to think about how much their parents love them and that God’s love for us is even greater.  Then I was brought back to the fact that these are 6 and 7 year olds when I had to say, “Luke, please stop licking your hand.”

This book is a great read for every Catholic and anyone that wants a better understanding of the Catholic faith.  It explains our reverence for Mary and the Pope.  And how our traditions came straight from the Bible.