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4 things

I saw another blogger do this so I thought I would join.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
– Hostess
– Daycare worker/babysitter
– Cashier
– Sales rep

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: (there may be a slight trend here)
– Grease
– Footloose
– Dirty Dancing
– Shag

Four TV shows I watch:
– Parenthood
– Grey’s Anatomy
– The Voice
– Homeland

Four places I have been:
– Belize
– Costa Rica
– Niagara Falls
– Las Vegas

Four favorite foods:
– sushi
– chicken salad
– guacamole
– a good salad

Four goals for 2014:
– pay off my vehicle and start contributing to an auto account for future vehicles
– Complete The Love Dare (I’m planning on starting tomorrow for anyone that wants to join me)
– be more present, especially with my kids
– logging my food on Myfitnesspal

Thanks to my faithful readers, all 5 of you.  These monkeys wish you a very happy 2014!

Christmas 041

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Christmas 2013 Recap

How can one day tear a house apart?  Especially when we weren’t even here most the day!  Other than my house being a mess, we had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas 005

We celebrated the birth of Jesus with so many friends and family at the Christmas Pageant and Mass on Christmas Eve.  Janie really enjoyed being part of the Angel Choir.  I get teary every time they sing at mass.

CAM01304We’ll pretend this picture isn’t blurry.

Then we headed to a Cuban Christmas.  Some friends of ours roast a pig and serve black beans and rice.  It’s so good!  We headed home to put our Santa cookies out.  Luckily, both kids were falling asleep in the car so it made bedtime and all that comes next very easy.  Wear those kids out!

Christmas 009

We had a nice, lazy Christmas morning at home.  As you can see, Nolan is too busy to pose with his gifts.

Christmas morn

We were working on the solar system puzzle above and I said that Mercury is small.  Nolan asked if that’s where our friends that are moving to Michigan are going.  Since we are used to having them up the street, Michigan does seem out of this world!

We celebrated with my family on Christmas day and will celebrate with Tim’s family this weekend.  We are so blessed to have both families close so we can all get together during holidays.


Cookie Exchange

I’ve hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange for about 7 years (I think I missed one or two when I was pregnant or had an infant).  We had a great turnout this year.  It’s so much fun to see friends that we don’t see that often, the cookies are just an added perk!

cookie exchange

I’ve served the same chicken salad for a past few years because everyone asks for it.  I will share the recipe soon.  We also have Apple Brandy Brew every year (in the crockpot) that makes you feel all warm inside.

Janie invites some friends and we always have a craft or project for them.  I didn’t get too creative this year since we did ice cream cone trees last year. Luckily, we only had 2 repeats and Janie was one of them.

Now if the cookies make it to Christmas, we will have our Christmas miracle.

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Party, party, party

Yesterday was a party day.  First up was Janie’s class party.

Christmas 003

They made these cute little edible snowmen.  Janie’s snowman ended up with a tropical look.

Christmas 005

Next up was Nolan’s class party.  They sang songs and each child shared their favorite part of Christmas.  I was hoping that Nolan would be one of the children that would say Jesus but he said hot chocolate is his favorite part of Christmas.  Hey, at least he didn’t say presents!

Christmas 030

Christmas 038

Then we headed to church for parties there.  I teach 1st grade and we had a birthday party for Jesus.  I read A Special Place for Santa.  This is really a great book that every Christian family should own.

We did a lot of gift cards for teacher/staff gifts this year.  I wanted to share these printables.  I just printed these on photo paper and then wrap them up with a homemade ornament and they’re so cute.


restaurant gift card printable

Starbucks gift card printable

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Midweek Randoms

  • Can you believe Christmas is a week away?!  I feel like I have so much to do.  Luckily, Nolan’s school is offering parents night out on Friday so hopefully we can get our last minute shopping done. 
  • Janie will be singing at the Christmas Pageant and Children’s Mass on Christmas Eve.  She’s super excited!
  • I got free tickets to Anchorman 2 this week so a friend and I went.  It was as funny and dumb as the first one.  Meet Nolan Burgundy……


  • We hosted Tim’s family’s Christmas here on Sunday.  Check out some of these treasures…..B ChristmasNolan was very excited with the phone that he got from 2005.  He said it just needs new batteries.  And Janie truly loves her new slippers.  I ended up with 3 scrub brushes.  I guess someone is trying to tell me something!


  • Our neighborhood is doing luminaries on Christmas Eve.  I’ve been saving milk jugs and got the battery operated candles last night.  I was showing the kids what they will look like and said that all we need now is some sand.  Nolan said, “well, Nana has sand.”  I was wondering what he was talking about and then Janie and I figured out that it was kitty litter.  I don’t know, that may be a little too Cousin Eddie for me! 


Georgia on my Mind

One of my dear friends is moving to Michigan so we had a going away party for her on Saturday.  Here’s Suzi and her hosts.

Suzi party 020

Our party theme was everything Georgia.  Luckily, my basement has a Georgia/Falcons theme so we didn’t need many decorations.  Even our little Georgia tree fit!

Suzi party 004

Here was our menu:

Veggie Tray

Salsa Pepper-Jack Grits Dip

Vidalia Onion Dip

Corn Bread

Boiled Peanuts (I was going to do these in the crockpot but couldn’t find raw peanuts anywhere so they came from the store)

Peach Cobbler

Pumpkin Cake with Pecan Topping

GA food

And you can’t have a Georgia party without some Sweet Tea and Coke!

Suzi party 018

We asked everyone to wear something Georgia…..Braves, Falcons, University of Georgia or even Georgia Tech (evidently we don’t hang out with smart people).

Suzi party 021

I gave Suzi a Braves shirt so she can bring a little Georgia to Michigan!

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Kringle, our elf

Kringle came last week.  He’s a well behaved elf (or you could call us lazy parents), he just moves to a different location each night and occasionally leaves a note.


Prior to Kringle showing up, Nolan had been coming into our bed at night about one to three times a week.  Kringle and Santa both told him that he needs to stay in his bed.  One night last week, Nolan came into our bed at 2:30AM.  For once, I was actually coherent enough to do something about it.  I told him that he needed to go back to his bed.  He responded with, “I don’t want presents.”  I said, “You don’t want a Bat Cave?”  At that, I rolled over and within about 5 minutes, I heard little foot steps walking out of our room.  I’m happy to report that he has slept in his own bed since that night!