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TV Shows

I like to watch TV.  Here are a few of my favorite shows right now:

The Voice – I really love this show (and Adam Levine).  My favorites this year are Nicholas and Amanda.  I really liked Cody too.  I think Team CeeLo was great this season!

Catfish – Have you watched this?  If not, you should!  It’s about people who meet online and then meet in real life (sometimes after years of “talking” online).  Most are nothing like what they claim to be.  The unfortunate thing is that one of them has fallen in love with someone that is not real.  So sad and good to watch 😉

Homeland – Tim and I just started watching this On Demand.  It’s so good!  I’ve liked Claire Danes since My So Called Life so I feel like I have a special bond with her.  I’m so happy to find a show that both Tim and I enjoy.

Homeland - homeland Wallpaper

Parenthood – I’ve watched this since it started and it’s a really great show.  Although, it makes me cry almost every episode.

What are your favorite shows?

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Eating Habits

When I attended the boot camp back in May, I learned really quickly that there were a number of eating habits that I had to break:

  1. Don’t refill your cereal bowl when you have milk left.  I was eating about 3 servings of cereal each morning, definitely not the way to start your day.
  2. Snack on proteins (almonds are my favorite), fruits or veggies.  Carbs are a bad choice for snacking.
  3. When your kids don’t clean their plates, you don’t need to clean it for them.  As you know, I like to save money and seeing food go down the drain does not make me happy.  However, no waist line doesn’t make me happy either. You must pay attention to serving size and not grab that last chicken nugget off of your kid’s plate.
  4. As a mom, I tend to get busy and forget to eat.  You should really be fueling your body every 3 – 4 hours.  We need 3 meals and 2 snacks each day.
  5. It’s okay to have a treat!  You should still log it and not consider the whole day a loss when you do.

These were some of my biggest issues.  I will do another post on the eating plan that my trainer suggested.

Here are more posts on getting healthy:


Back on Track

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Cyber Monday

There are lots a great deals today.  Here are a few of my favorites –

Entertainment Books are only $20 today with free shipping.  If you purchase through Shopathome you also get 40% cash back!  Just link to shopathome and search Entertainment Book.  I buy one of these every year and it pays for itself in one to two uses.

York Photo is offering 40% off your entire order with coupon code Love2Save.  If you use my link, you also get 60 free prints.

Paper Coterie is offering 50% off their entire site with coupon code CYBERMONDAY.  I have lots of their photo books and the kids each have a memory keeper (pictured below).

Be sure to check Shopathome before any online purchases to see if you can get cash back.  Happy Cyber Monday!

*Disclosure – compensated affiliate links used

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Thanksgiving 2012

Our Thanksgiving break was spent eating, shopping and hanging out with the family.  I got to host my first Thanksgiving this year!  My mom’s oven is broken so I said that we would be happy to host.  Tim smoked the turkey and it was very good.  The cousins had a blast playing, mostly outside because it was 70 degrees!

I’m not a black Friday shopper.  I enjoy my sleep too much to give it up for shopping.  However, I made a quick run to Michael’s yesterday.  We got most of our Christmas decorations out and my mother in law and I did some yard work.  I also did a little shopping today.  I’m happy to say that I have completed most of my Christmas shopping.  I try to shop all year so I don’t feel stressed and don’t spend a ton of money at one time.

We’ve had a nice little break!  Tim has worked a lot in the last month so it’s nice to get some family time.

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What’s new

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday (I hope that’s not news to anyone!)  Janie is out of school this week so she’s keeping busy with play dates and planning on a sleep over with a friend tonight.

I always try to clean out toys before Christmas.  I thought I would let the kids help so I sent them to their rooms with a bag to pick some things that they would like to donate to kids that don’t have a lot of toys.

I obviously have a giver and the other not so much!  Some of the stuff that Nolan is willing to give, he just got!  I think my toy purge needs to be after bedtime.

I’ve shared my love of my Nook.  I don’t purchase many ebooks though because they are so expensive (although Barnes and Noble hosts Free Fridays).  A new site, eReaderGirl, was launched with inexpensive or free ebooks.  So excited to check it out!

Yesterday, Nolan was helping me clean and we were moving stuff around so we could vacuum (the boy loves to vacuum).  He said that he could carry the heavy things because he is a strong boy.  I replied, “so I’m just a wimpy girl?”  He said, “yeah, you’re a lumpy girl.”  And all night, he called me a lumpy girl!

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Shop Small

This Saturday, November 24th, is Small Business Saturday.  If you have an American Express card, you can register to receive a $25 statement credit for shopping at a small business.  This is a great way to support small business, do a little Christmas shopping and get something in return.  You can register your card and search the approved small businesses at

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Instead of worrying about what we’re serving, seating and buying Christmas presents (I’m guilty too), we need to think about the things that we are thankful for on Thanksgiving.  I mean, that is the name of the holiday after all 🙂  I’m thankful for my family and healthy children, of course.  But in this economy with so many people struggling, what I’m most thankful for is a job.  And not just any job, a job that allows to provide for my family while working from home with a great boss that I have worked with my entire career.  A job that allows me to be here when Janie gets off the bus and help in her classroom on occasion.  A job that is so flexible that I can attend parades, performances and eat lunch with my kids.  Yes, it’s still work but I’m so thankful that I have it.