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Nursery and a name

It’s funny how things are much more simple with baby #3.  Nurseries have also changed a lot since the other two.  I decided to skip the bedding set and theme this time.  They say not to use bumpers, a quilt, or pillow.  So what do you need…..a crib and a sheet.  I actually did go out and get a dust ruffle after we put the crib together…..Target clearance for $7!

The room that we are using was a guest room so we had a dresser and two night stands.  We passed the bed on to Tim’s sister.  Tim and I refinished the furniture right before we got married and used them in our first master bedroom.  There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (well, maybe not tears) that went into refinishing the furniture so I wanted to use it.  Then I saw a deal at Target for a free bassinet with crib purchase.  I really liked the crib but it only came in cherry and grey.  I knew cherry wouldn’t work with the rest of the furniture and I loved the grey but how could I get that to go with the walnut stain?  After perusing Pinterest, I decided we could go for rustic with grey and wood.

Tim installed the planked wall.  It was pretty easy to install but it was a little more costly than I had hoped (around $300 for the wood).   We painted a bookshelf that has been in all three nurseries (it’s been white, red, and now grey).  I kept our rocking chair to rock our grandchildren one day….little did I know.  My mom and I picked out fabric and covered the off white lamp shade.  I used the rest of the fabric and my little sewing skills to make the banner above the crib.  Janie, my sewing guru, was at a friend’s house when I sat down to sew so I had to learn how to tread the needle without her.  Luckily, they have the steps numbered on the sewing machine!

Aug 2015 041

Here’s a close up of the picture on the left.  It’s a free printable in a Goodwill frame!

20150728_092809_resizedAug 2015 045

I saw a pallet sign on a friend’s Facebook page and I loved it (thanks Ashley).  Tim has access to lots of old pallets from work and I have a friend that was able to make the stencil for me.  We used paint that we already had so this was a free project.

Aug 2015 046

We are ready for a baby!  As you can see above, his name is Asa.  After lots of deliberation throwing out names and Tim vetoing most of them, he finally said yes to one.  So Asa Robert it is!