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All over the place

This post is as the title states, all over the place!

I think this is my favorite gift that we gave this Christmas……

CAM00426My sister and I gave this to my parents.  I don’t think you can get a better picture of four kids.  I love it!

Stompeez were a popular gift in our family!

CAM00431CMy best friend took the kids to spend the night one night this week so Tim and I got a midweek date night.  That was a nice treat!  Then my parents took the kids after church today so Tim and I could go to the Falcons game.  We had an extra ticket and asked the kids if they wanted to go but they both chose to go to Nana and Papa’s house instead.  The Falcons didn’t win but we had front row seats thanks to my mother in law’s hook up so it was still a great time!

CAM00433(1) CAM00435(1)We are so off schedule this Christmas break!  Both kids have been coming into our bed at night.  I have got to change that this week!

I’m also going to get back on track with logging my food on myfitnesspal.  I plan to do a few posts on healthy eating after the first of the year.  I know I need them!

I will leave you with a Nolan funny……we were eating out and Nolan saw a lady with a newborn baby.  He said, “When I get done eating, I’m going to ask her if I can pet her baby.”


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Online Shopping

I really enjoy online shopping.  Nothing like shopping from the comfort of your own home!  Here are a few sites that you should check out:

GroopDealz – They have super cute Etsy sellers that run daily deals.  I actually bought this scarf for my sister and I (green for me and gray for her).  It’s only $2.99 with free shipping today!  I don’t think I got it for that cheap before Christmas but it’s so cute.

My Habit – This is a daily deal site that’s a part of Amazon.  Everything ships for free and you receive it in a few days!  And you can apply Amazon gift cards towards your purchases!  As you know, I get my Amazon gift cards by using Swagbucks.  I’ve gotten really great things for the kids through My Habit.  Their woman’s clothes are a little pricey for me but the shoes, housewares and kids stuff is great!

Very Jane – Very similar to GroopDealz.  They run daily deals that are so cute.  I have not ordered from them yet but there is lots of stuff I want, like this necklace…

Stunning Waterfall Pearl Necklace!

Disclosure: compensated affiliate link used for myhabit

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A Merry Little Christmas

We had a great Christmas!  We got to spend lots of time with friends and family.  Things were more spread out this year so we weren’t rushing around and it was wonderful!

Christmas 2012 013C

Janie’s class party book exchange

Christmas 2012 019

Nolan’s pajama party

Christmas 2012 038C

This picture cracks me up!

Christmas 2012 061

Santa brought Janie the walking Baby Alive.

Christmas 2012 064C

He brought Nolan a scooter.  Christmas 2012 078C

Love the backwards helmet.  Christmas 2012 088CHappy Birthday, Jesus!

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26 Acts of Kindness

Have you heard about the 26 Acts of Kindness?  It’s one act of kindness for each person that lost their life at Sandy Hook Elementary.  You can read more about it here.  We went to a Mexican restaurant on Friday night and as we were walking in, a firetruck pulled up.  This was a huge deal for Nolan!  Two firefighters were seated at the table behind us and Nolan couldn’t stop staring.  I heard about the 26 Acts that day and asked Tim if he knew about it.  He said that he hadn’t heard so I explained what it was.  I said, “do you think we should buy their dinner?”  Tim got a big smile on his face.  We told their server and she got a big smile on her face.  We anonymously paid for their dinner.  Their server said that they were very grateful.   It’s amazing how $19 made so many people feel so good.  We were happy to show that there is still good in the world and do something in memory of one of the students/teachers that lost of their life.  Only 25 more acts of kindness to go!

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Christmas Cards

I love getting Christmas cards each year!  It seems like it’s the only time of year that we get good stuff in the mail each day 🙂

CAM00424I used our Santa picture as our Christmas card photo this year.  The only crying Santa picture that we have so far is Janie’s first Christmas.  She was about 9 months old.  Nolan hasn’t cried yet.  Although I do love a crying Santa picture!

Nov 015May the God of hope fill you with all joy – Romans 15:13

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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Cookies and crafts

We are in the homestretch!  My days have been filled with wrapping, crafting and making cookies (I’m not a baker so I usually do no bake cookies so I can’t call it baking).  Our next two days are class parties… much fun!

I signed up to make cookies for Janie’s class party.  After my research, on Pinterest of course, I came up with these.

Cookies 003They look very cute but they are not really staying together well.  It’s also pouring out so I have no idea how I’m going to get two sheets of these to her classroom.  Luckily, I have some back up cookies.

We’ve also made lots of teacher gifts.  I know it’s so cliche but I really think it’s better to give than receive.  I just love watching people open gifts!

CAM00422These are another “pin” that I found.  I just print them on photo paper at home and they are so cute and perfect for teachers that love their coffee.

We make the ornaments every year.  I just have to remember who already has one from prior years.

CAM00423I love this time of year!