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Custom vent hood

I can finally share our custom vent hood!  As I mentioned, our microwave died about 6 months ago.  I knew I didn’t want to replace it with another above stove microwave.  I had to sell Tim on the idea of a custom vent hood because let’s be honest, he would be the one doing all the work.  I can use a hammer to hang a picture but I don’t really trust myself with power tools and he doesn’t trust me with a paint brush.

Vent hood

We removed the dead microwave and cabinet.  Then we purchased this range hood.  Tim built a box for it, did the trim work, and added the additional tile (the grout is still wet in the last picture).  Sounds so easy but it took a couple of weekends.  I just love the way it turned out!

kitchen 016

I’m not 100% happy with the items on the shelf.  I might be swapping them out.  A neighbor suggested hanging the clock in the frame.  I would love to hear your ideas!

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What’s new

I wanted to pop in and say hello.  No big updates but I have a few little ones.

  • Tim and Janie attended their 5th father daughter dance.  The theme was Candyland so Janie was in heaven!  dsc_1508a
  • Nolan had baseball assessments and he’s an Angel this season.  Let’s hope he behaves like one too!
  • Janie is going to give swim team a shot.  She’s not a super strong swimmer yet so I think it will be great for her!
  • I read the Orphan Train and loved it.  I remember stories about my great grandpa being on the Orphan Train and the book really piqued my interest.  I called my grandma to get more information and she said they didn’t know much.  I did some research and have contacted the hospital that they think placed him on the Orphan Train.  We hope to get his birth certificate as well as some information on his birth parents and possible siblings.  It may take a few months to hear back but I’m really excited and hopeful that I can provide my grandma with some information on her father and his life before the Orphan Train.
  • We are still living without a microwave and surviving!  I think we actually have a plan in place to remove it and do something like this…..

That’s about all I’ve got for now!


Christmas Home Tour

Two posts in one day, I’m even shocked!  Welcome to our home….

Dec 008

We’ve got our Christmas cards to your right.  I LOVE getting Christmas cards.  I can’t wait to get the mail each day in December!

Dec 004I heard that there was a Christmas tree shortage this year due to drought.  Our tree definitely has some bald spots and is drier than trees that we’ve had in the past.  I like to keep our house decorated through the Epiphany (January 6th) but we may be left with bare branches by then!

Dec 007

We also have a red and black tree in our basement.  Lucky for us, we can cover the Dawgs and Falcons with 2 colors so it’s a win for everyone (except for our teams that don’t like to win on a regular basis).  And it’s nicely placed under the best Uga picture ever!

Merry Christmas from the Bs!

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We finally completed our deck this weekend.  Well, the top of the deck, the under deck still needs some work.  We started this project back in June.  Then it was hot, we got 2 extra kids, and baseball and softball took over our weekends.  But we finally finished!

The before shot

Deck 001We have full sun on the back of our house all day.  So the sun had done a number on the decking and we wanted to cover it so we could actually enjoy the space.

Oct 001

Oct 006 Oct 008 Oct 011We hired someone for the roof (Tim doesn’t do heights).  Then we replaced the deck boards that needed to be replaced and painted all the deck boards with Restore.  It’s so thick, it was like spreading peanut butter.  It really looks great!  Then Tim build a pallet coffee table.  I wanted a pop of color out there so we picked Behr’s Tropical Tide.  Nolan dropped the first quart of paint in the kitchen so my hardwoods and kitchen wall were also Tropical Tide.  Cleaning that up didn’t seem like much of a tropical vacation but it all came up excluding a few spots on the wall.  I needed to tie the green, navy, and turquoise together so I got some fabric paint and added the circles to the pillow.  I really love how it all came together!

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The Man Cave

Man Crates asked me to be part of their Man Cave Makeovers Campaign.  They have some really great gifts for men!  Honestly, I could find one for Tim under every heading (Carnivore, Survival, Beer Lover, Snack Enthusiast, Gamer and Athlete).  The man of many hobbies!  I could see getting my brother the Old School Crate.

We have a man cave but there’s always room for additions or upgrades!

  • We could use some cool lighting above the bar or game table:

beer bottle chandelier

  • I really like this bar seating behind the couch.  We’re always short on seating when we have people over for the game.

  • Since I spend some time in the man cave, I think we need a place for wine.  Love this barrel cabinet.

wine barrel bar ~ We picked up a barrel at an antique shop, hoping we can do something like this.  Derek would love this !! Lol

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When the microwave died

It all started with a smokey microwave last week and my mind was racing with pictures of those awesome range hoods.

This backsplash is unusual and beautiful, but, once again, I question the practicality. I ADORE  the range hood, though, and the cabinet color.

I called a friend that had just installed one and he said it was $1,000…..what?!?  So what I did I do next?  Visited Pinterest, of course.  I found a few DIY hoods, like this one for under $50!  Tim’s not completely sold because a) where would we put our microwave b) our deck is still a work in progress c) we have 2 extra children in our home and little time for projects.  All good points but I’m not one to put an idea to rest very easily.  I really don’t want to replace our microwave with another over the range and it’s coming down anyway.  If your microwave isn’t above your range, where is it?  I need all the help I can get to sell this idea!

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Mudroom envy

We bought our house well before the mudroom boom.  They’re still building in our neighborhood and I have to admin that I have some mudroom envy.  There are some fabulous mudrooms out there (like this and this).  When your house doesn’t have a mudroom, this tends to happen…..

June 002

We have hooks by the door to the garage and we put our keys there but the kids are too short for the hooks so they just drop their bags on the floor or steps (an accident waiting to happen).

I asked Tim if he could do a built in cubby under the bar there where we all drop our stuff.  He actually built this little divider that’s removable.  It’s perfect!

June 005



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5 for Friday

  1. It’s crazy how much milk you go through with one extra person in the house.  I have literally made a milk run every night since Tuesday.  Yesterday I was smart and bought two gallons so I shouldn’t have to run out tonight, I hope!
  2. My children are awesome!  They have handled this transition so well.  Janie needs to be a social worker when she grows up, she has been amazing!
  3. I asked to try StitchFix for my Mother’s Day gift.  My first “fix” is scheduled for mid June.  I’ll let you know what I think.  I’ve heard great things so I’m hopeful that I’ll have some new pieces to wear soon.
  4. How great is this pillow cover?!?  I ordered it from GroopDealz and I think it was made for this chaise. June 007
  5. I’m on week 3 of Couch to 5K and I still hate it.  At what stage does running become enjoyable?  It’s obviously beyond week 3.

Have a great weekend!




Happy Monday!  I have some updates for you.  Thanks to Garden Ridge and Goodwill, I was able to complete our gallery wall this weekend.  It’s not perfect but it’s done and that’s generally how I roll.

May 006We’ve been waiting to pick up a bench that we ordered.  Some friends had one and I loved it so I was trying come up with a place for it.  We didn’t have a great place in the house so we chose to put it on the front porch.  The couple that makes them buys old headboards and makes them into benches.  Their prices are really reasonable and their work is beautiful!

May 002

And the most exciting update of all is that Scandal Season 3 is on Netflix!  I just noticed yesterday so I’ve only watched episode one.  You can guess what I will be doing in my spare time this week!



Happy Friday!  I’m joining Kelly’s Korner today in Show us your Biggest Design Challenge.  I’ve wanted to create a gallery wall going up our steps but I just can’t figure out how to add to it.  Please share your suggestions….House stuff 089Also, the water line on the water dispenser on our refrigerator keeps freezing up.  We already paid to have it fixed once so I think it’s time to move on to something else.  What’s the best way to have filtered water at home?  Our kitchen faucet has a removable sprayer so we cannot get one of those filters that connect to your faucet.  Are the Brita Water Pitchers any good?

Thanks for your help!