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6 months



Stats:  Asa is 14lbs, 14oz and 23.75inches.  He made the charts at 8th percentile!  He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Likes:  He has started eating.  We’ve tried bananas, avocado, chicken, broccoli, carrots, eggs, and toast.  He seems to like chicken and toast because they are easier for him to hold onto.  We also tried peanut butter after our doctor appointment last week.  He really enjoys toast with a little peanut butter for breakfast!  Asa also likes sitting up and playing with toys and walks around the neighborhood.

Dislikes:  He is not a fan of being hungry or tired.  That’s really the only time he cries these days.  I can’t say I blame him!

Eating:  Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day (a total of 5 times) and I’ve been giving him solids for breakfast and dinner.

Sleeping:  Asa finally sleeps through the night!!!  One of the moms at baseball told me about The Sleep Sense Program.  I looked it up and took the quiz.  Asa’s only issue was sleeping through the night, he was good with the other stuff so I thought I could figure it out on my own.  Well, after a few more days of waking around the clock to nurse him, I gave in and bought the program.  Best $50 I ever spent!  It’s nothing new but she packages it up and give you exactly what you need to be successful at getting your baby to sleep through the night.  The first night was rough but luckily, he woke up while I was still awake so I held my ground.  He has slept through the night since then…..from about 7-7:30pm – 6-6:30am!   He just needed me to show him that he didn’t need a snack in the middle of the night.  Asa naps after being awake for about 2 hours.  This usually makes for 3 naps a day for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Milestones: Lots of them……sleeping through the night, sitting up, getting up on all fours, and two bottom teeth!  It’s like he grew up over night!

Asa 6 mo