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What’s new

I wanted to pop in and say hello.  No big updates but I have a few little ones.

  • Tim and Janie attended their 5th father daughter dance.  The theme was Candyland so Janie was in heaven!  dsc_1508a
  • Nolan had baseball assessments and he’s an Angel this season.  Let’s hope he behaves like one too!
  • Janie is going to give swim team a shot.  She’s not a super strong swimmer yet so I think it will be great for her!
  • I read the Orphan Train and loved it.  I remember stories about my great grandpa being on the Orphan Train and the book really piqued my interest.  I called my grandma to get more information and she said they didn’t know much.  I did some research and have contacted the hospital that they think placed him on the Orphan Train.  We hope to get his birth certificate as well as some information on his birth parents and possible siblings.  It may take a few months to hear back but I’m really excited and hopeful that I can provide my grandma with some information on her father and his life before the Orphan Train.
  • We are still living without a microwave and surviving!  I think we actually have a plan in place to remove it and do something like this…..

That’s about all I’ve got for now!

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Thanksgiving Wrap Up

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!  I got to host this year.  I was only in charge of turkey and mashed potatoes so that was easy.  I used this recipe to brine the turkey.  It turned out pretty good!

Nov 003

However, this is what Nolan ate for Thanksgiving….

Nov 006

That’s cranberry sauce and a roll.  He has no idea what he’s missing!

We spent Black Friday at the Fernbank Museum and even ran into neighbors that had the same idea!

Nov 001

Nolan wasn’t excited about stating his fear.

Nov 003

But he loved this lightning thing.  He talked about it all day!  Don’t they sell these things?  I think they did in the 90s.  There’s a Christmas idea!

Nov 008

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A turkey and a major award

Janie won 1st place with her photo and 2nd place for visual arts for her grade in the Reflections program at her school!  She’s always been a little artist so this program is right up her alley.

These medals are no leg lamp but I’m not sure she would like a leg lamp anyway.

Nov 004

The kindergartners had a Thanksgiving program last night.  Nolan was a turkey.  He said that he and Emma were so embarrassed because they had to sit in front.  He also lifted his shirt and scratched his belly during his “part”.  Too funny!

Nov 019

mid scratch

Nov 013

I love our school and I’m so thankful for all of the programs that they offer but I’m looking forward to a night at home.  It’s too cold out there for all this running around!



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Extracurricular Activities

We had a weekend full of extracurricular activities.  Tim had a track day at Road Atlanta.  The weather was wonderful and the kids enjoyed spending the day there on Sunday.  That’s Tim in between the kids.

Nov 026

Nolan had his last baseball game and team party.  He really looks like Chicken Little with that helmet, especially while running the bases.

Nov 001

Janie earned her white belt in Choi Kwang Do.  She was very intimidated at first but I can tell that she’s getting more confident.


My extracurricular activity……hmm.  I went to Zumba last night….no pictures!  I’m also still on a sad story kick.  That’s the bad thing about Goodreads, you like one sad story and they recommend more.

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Moving on

Janie has entered retirement in her softball career.  She decided that she wants to move on to something else.  There have been talks of dance and karate.  Her team went out with a bang and ended the season undefeated.


Her coach gifted them with a softball that had their name, number, team name and the year printed on it.  He even brought Sharpies so they could all sign….such a great idea!

I’m going to take a blog break.  I may post on occasion but I’m just not feeling it much anymore.  Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive, just not posting regularly.  Have a great week!


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Kids and phones

I remember talking to friends on the phone when I was in third grade.  I think a boy even called me once.  I lied and said it was one of my girlfriends.  Janie is at the point that she wants to talk with her friends after school.  She actually has a friend with a phone so my phone is blowing up!  It’s just one friend now but I know this is just the beginning.

We have also run into situations in the neighborhood where she wants to go play one block over and she’s too far away to hear us yelling to come home for dinner.  Tim’s family had a cow bell, now that’s an idea!  It would be nice for her to have a phone or at least a watch so I could set a timer or say be home by _____.  She knows the boundaries that we have set and is good about staying within them.

I always said that I don’t see why kids need a phone before 16 years old because up to that point, you drop them off so you know where they are.  I obviously want my children to have a phone when they start driving for safety reasons (hopefully, there will be some advances in turning texting off while driving in the next 8 years because that scares me too).  But now I’m thinking she may need a phone before 16.  I would love to hear your advice and insight on these uncharted waters.  How did you handle the phone situation with your children?


Games and stings

We had a busy weekend full of ball games.  Both kids have great teams this season, although I did find myself cheering for the other team once our teams were up over 10 runs.  I always go for the underdog!  We ended up with 2 red and black teams this season…..the Storm and the Flames.  Gotta love that!


Unfortunately, we didn’t end the weekend on a high note.  Janie was wearing a long skirt at a family get together yesterday and walked over a yellow jacket nest.  She was stung once on each ankle.  We saw a yellow jacket fly out of her skirt so we got her some meds and calmed down her down.  Then all the sudden she started screaming again.  There was another yellow jacket in her skirt!  It stung her on the finger and stung one of the adults at the party under her eye.  Needless to say, our party was over by that point.