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Kids Rooms

It’s Show Us Your Life Friday – Kids Rooms at Kelly’s Korner.  I chose themes as babies that could grow with our kids.  Janie is 6 and we have made a few changes over the years but many of the decorative items have stayed the same.

Janie painted this at a place up the street from us.  It was her first time at a painting class and she loved it.  I helped a little and the instructor did the outline, the eye and the nose.  It’s still pretty impressive!

Check out all those hair bows……she’s a Southern girl!

We just got Nolan a bedroom set (my baby is growing up).  His nursery furniture was white so we just painted the bookshelf red and he was good to go!

Every bed needs an UGA pillow pet!



Today Jenna’s Commenting Challenge is about hobbies.  This is a funny topic for my husband and I.  I’m always telling him that he has too many hobbies and I don’t have enough!  Men have lots of hobbies……fishing, hunting, mountain biking, motorcycles, dirt bikes, football, and the list could go on.  Women generally do stuff that involves their kids so it’s hard to call it a hobby.  But I guess I have a few.  I like to craft and decorate.  I have been to a number of those paint classes with girlfriends.  This is my favorite of the ones that I have done.  It’s hanging in my kitchen.

I quickly put together the wreath that we have on our door.  I don’t have a lot of patience so quick and easy crafts are best.  I put this together for $8 and in 10 minutes.

I like to read.  I’ve read the Twilight and Hunger Games books.  I’m not a sci-fi fan so really didn’t think I would get so into them but I loved them both.  As for movies, I’m a chick flick girl!  If it has dancing and love, I’m in 🙂


Social Media

Today on the 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge, Jenna wants us to talk about social media and websites that we visit.  I’m on Facebook, like everyone.  I have a Twitter account but don’t do much with it and I don’t use Instagram.  And the reason why is that I’m too cheap to pay for the data plan so I still have a flip phone.  Yes, you read that correctly, I STILL have a FLIP PHONE.  However, our cell contracts are up in a few weeks so I will be joining the modern age!

As for websites that I visit on a daily basis.  Here is a list:– I started logging my food in May and I love it!  Logging really makes you think about what you put into your mouth.  As a mom, I would eat off my kids plates, steal a french fry here or there, or skip a meal.  With logging, you look at what you are eating and can hold yourself accountable. – of course! – I’m exctied about joining her Show Us Your Life Fridays.  I also have someone lined up for Show Us Your Singles! – I used to babysit Candace. – Jessica has so many great ideas. – Maybe if I read her blog enough, I can start to cook, bake and throw parties like her! – Praying for Lucy’s miracle! – Aren’t those babies the cutest!

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How to Save

Today Jenna’s Journey is asking us to blog about what we blog about 🙂  So I guess I better blog about something!

I thought I would start with my best money savings tips.

1. ShopAtHome – Before I purchase anything online, I go here to find coupon codes and to get cash back.  You link to the online store through them and then get a percentage of cash back in a check every 3 months.  We purchased our washer and dryer during black Friday sales this way.  We got the sale price, free delivery and over $100 cash back!  Ebates is the same thing but I find that ShopAtHome typically has higher percentages.  However, Ebates sends you a check after only $5 cash back.  With ShopAtHome, it has to be $20.  They are both great ways to save!

2. Swagbucks – I love Swagbucks!  Use it as your search engine, get points and earn free stuff.  For 450 points you can get an gift card.  I used these gift cards to have diapers delivered to my door!  Luckily, we no longer have a need for diapers so now I plan to get B&N gift cards for my Nook purchases.

3. Daily deal sites – I have purchased so many things from gifts, adventures (my husband had a helicopter flying lesson), dinners to clothing from these daily deal sites.  Here are a few of my favorites: – you can use Amazon credits for this one and shipping is always free!  Their deals go live at noon and I just scored a pair of Carter’s tennis shoes for my little man for $7 (I applied one of my $5 swagbucks gift cards)! – get 20% off of your purchases through 6/29 with promo code SUMMER20.

I will stop there for now!  I can never save too much money so I would love to hear your best money savings tips.

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Welcome to Life with the Bs!  I have been reading blogs for years now and have thought about starting one but never did….until today!  Jenna’s Journey is having her 3rd annual commenting challenge.  So here we go…..

We are the Bs – Tim, Laura, Janie and Nolan.  We live in metro Atlanta.  I work from home in technical training sales.  I love to save money, that’s my second job.  This blog will be about suburban life in the South with a sassy 6 year old, a wild 3 year old and an old Boxer (our first baby).  I love taking pictures so you will see lots of pictures of our daily lives.  I also plan to post about some of my money saving deals….so you might even get something out reading here.  I look forward to meeting you!