Life with the Bs

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4 months


Stats: Asa is 11lbs, 14oz and 23 1/8 inches.  He’s not on the chart for length or weight but his head is 30%…..big brains.  Still in 0-3 month clothes but he’s getting too long for some of the sleepers.  We are finishing up the last pack of size 1 diapers.

Likes: Asa loves standing.  He just started putting weight on his legs and he’s so proud of himself.

Dislikes:  Baseball games.  Nolan’s season just started and Asa is not a fan.  He startles so easily and does not like all the yelling that goes on.  This could be a long season!

Eating: Still nursing every 3 hours during the day.  We tend to cluster feed in the evening.  He goes 3 – 5 hours at night.  Although there was a day last week that he nursed every 2 hours at night…..ugh!

Sleeping:  After the night of waking every 2 hours, I decided it was time to make a change.  He was getting pretty long for the bassinet so we moved him to his crib.  He woke twice the first night.  The second night, he ate at 10:30pm and then made it to 4am!  I thought we were onto something but no such luck.  He woke twice again the past 2 nights.  Oh well, he’s still pretty tiny so I guess I will feed the boy!  He does pretty good in the nap department and is much easier to put down these days.

Milestones: Asa rolled from back to tummy at 16 weeks.  He doesn’t do it regularly yet though.  He’s also picking up toys now.  He loves to babble, especially when you babble back.  Everything goes into his mouth, even bunny ears!


4 months