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500 Miles

That’s what I feel like I walked this weekend.  We had the fair, a church picnic and a fall festival.  Besides food, the other thing that they all have in common is walking and lots of it!  We had beautiful weather all weekend so it was nice to be outside and walk off all of the food we ate.

Fair 086Fair 097Fair 099

Mickey and Minnie showed up at the church picnic!  Janie dunked our priest in the dunk tank twice.  Hope he forgives her!



Baby Boom 2013

There have been 3 baby announcements this week.  My neighbor is actually at the hospital delivering now and I’m going to see a friend later that is pregnant with identical twin boys.  I think I can safely diagnose myself with baby fever!

My baby is 4!  He’s really no longer at baby at all, although we still refer to him as one (I hope he doesn’t grow up to be THAT guy).  Luckily, he still wears 24 month clothes so we can carry him around.  But he’s not a baby so we need to let him be a big boy.  And Mom, I’m sorry for getting on to you about “babying” my little brother.  I get it now, it’s hard to see your baby grow up!

nolan 006

With the first child, you want to get to the next stage.  I remember saying that I couldn’t wait to hear what Janie’s voice would sound like or what she would look like as a little girl.  It seems that you are so excited to see what they will do next, that you rush things.  You want them to learn to sing the ABCs or write their name early.  You want them to be the first one of their age group to do certain things.  I guess this is why most oldest children grow up to be overachievers.

But then the youngest comes along and you want time to stop.  I already miss that baby smell, kissing their warm heads, rocking them in the middle of the night.  They aren’t babies for long and believe me, your arms will feel empty when you are no longer holding a baby through church or bouncing around a dark bedroom in the middle of the night.  And don’t worry about all that other stuff.  Every kid eventually learns how to write their name and tie their shoes.  As we say in my house, it’s not a race!

oct 036



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Midweek Randoms

Happy Hump Day!  This week is moving along quickly.

It rained last Saturday so we didn’t make it to the fair but we hope to make it this weekend!

Janie again insinuated that I grew up in the dark ages when she asked if there were doctors when I was little.  I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks the Little House on the Prairie books are my autobiography!

Nolan asked Tim if trucks can go to the car wash.  Tim told him that they could and he replied that they need to call it a car AND truck wash then!  He’s so literal!

I’m glad that the new TV seasons are starting back!  I need to figure out a way to get Homeland without paying for Showtime.  I also need to find the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.  Our DVR didn’t record it last season and I need to watch it before starting this season.  Any suggestions?

It’s a cool, rainy day and I have chicken taco soup in the crockpot….a perfect combination!


The Power of Prayer

I’m a believer in the power of prayer.  Our church makes prayer blankets for the community.  Anyone can request a prayer blanket!  I have sent a number of these out and they are such a blessing.  We pray over the blankets as they are made and then a priest blesses them.  But it doesn’t end there, we continue to pray for healing for everyone that has a blanket.

My sister could use some prayers right now.  She is dealing with some medical issues and has been in and out of the hospital for a few weeks.  Please pray that the doctors are able to find the source of her medical issues.

Please feel free to add your prayer requests in the comments.  God longs for a relationships with us so start talking!

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.  Philippians 4:6


5 for Friday

Happy Friday!

1.  Janie and I made Pony-Os for some of the girls on her softball team.  They’re so easy to make.  It just takes a ponytail holder, ribbon and a hot glue gun.  The Orange Crush need to look good while they crush it!

Sept 004

2.  We have plans to go to fair this weekend, as long as the rain holds out.  We love to go to the fair each year.  It’s like the induction into fall!  Who doesn’t love fair food!  I think Tim dreams about a turkey leg.  The rides are okay too!


3. Tim planted watermelon seeds in our garden this year.  Most of them turned black but this one made it, kinda.  He thinks he planted them too late.  It tastes okay though.

Sept 002

4.  One of my fabulous readers asked for a sock rollers tutorial and Janie was happy to oblige.  So here’s our tutorial.  It’s pretty easy and the curls are beautiful!


5.  I got my fall decorations up this week.  I just love pulling these pictures out each year.  And it looks like we’re gonna need a bigger mantel!

Sept 006

Enjoy the weekend!


Sock rollers

When I was little, my mom used to put my hair in sponge rollers.  I would sleep in them and wake up with beautiful curls.  Well, we don’t have sponge rollers but a friend a mine told me about using socks.  You take long socks, roll the hair around the sock and then tie the sock.  Janie’s hair does not hold curl very well and she gets very frustrated with that.  She asked if we could try the sock rollers the other night and since she doesn’t have school this week, I thought why not!

sockheadHere’s sock head.  No fear, they were clean socks!

It worked!  She woke up with beautiful curls!


Once she had curls, she needed to put on a dress.


All dressed up with no place to go because momma’s gotta work.  At least she looked cute!

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A+ weekend

What a great weekend!  The weather was beautiful and we did lots of fun stuff.  Of course, my house is a mess, no laundry is done and our fridge is empty but lets talk about the fun stuff……

My weekend started off with a free Salted Carmel Mocha Frappaccino.  I stopped by Starbucks with my coupon for $1 off and they couldn’t get my coupon code to work so they gave it to me!  A sign of a great weekend to come!  Next up was girls night out.  Great company and fabulous food!

We started our Saturday at the ball park for Nolan’s second game.  He did a great job up until the last 15 minutes when he “got tired” and laid on the field.  He still got the game ball for playing so well in the outfield.  He goes after that ball, no matter where it goes.


Tim had a function at church so the kids and I played at the park and had a picnic at the lake since the weather was so awesome.  Then we went home for naps.  Any weekend that I get in a nice nap is a good weekend!

Sept 001

We went to a neighbor’s for s’mores on Saturday night.  I just love fall temperatures!


I got free tickets for the Wizard of Oz in IMAX and 3D on Sunday.  Tim had tickets to the Falcons game so my mom joined the kids and I for the movie.  The kids were worried about the witch but they both enjoyed the movie, on a lap during the witch scenes.


The movie was at Atlantic Station so we walked around afterwards and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  I love their chopped salad.  I know it’s weird to go to a pizza place and order a salad but it’s so good.



That was our fabulous weekend.  Enjoy your week! 


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Happy Friday!  So Tim and I were watching TV the other night and we saw a commercial for the new Honda Odyssey van.  Not only does it have the button that open and closes the doors but now it has a vacuum.  Seriously, it’s own build in vacuum!  I always want to vacuum my car but that would require hauling the vacuum out to the garage and that’s too much work.  And then at the gas station, you have to pay to use the vacuum and that’s just not happening.  But imagine having the vacuum right there!  Oh, I would love it since vacuuming really is my favorite chore anyway!

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Mother of the Year

It’s an award that I won’t be receiving!  Last night, I shut this little guy’s hand in the car door.  And when I say shut, I mean shut the door all the way on his fingers.


It happened at the ball park for Janie’s first game.  His knuckle looked pretty bad so I took him to urgent care, therefore missing Janie’s first game.  They took X-rays of his hand and nothing is broken.  He was actually acting fine by the time they got us back to a room, since there is nothing urgent about urgent care.  This morning he was showing me how he can move them and everything!  I still feel so bad!

Luckily, Tim took lots of pictures and a video of one of Janie’s hits at her game.  She had 4 times at bat and got a single and a double!  So proud of her!  Thankfully, there will be more games and I plan to be at all of them.

Fall Ball 024 Fall Ball 025