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Not the weekend I planned

You know those weekends that you have all planned out and then nothing ends up going as planned.  Well, that was this weekend.  It started with me losing my voice on Friday.  Not a great thing when you’re in sales.  I went to Janie’s school to have lunch with her and she said, “Mommy, can you just whisper?  I don’t want my friends to ask questions.”  I asked if I was embarrassing her and she responded, “A little bit.”  Who knew that a hoarse voice could be so embarrassing….and so it begins!

Our neighborhood had a garage sale on Saturday so I got up early to get everything out.  I didn’t have any big tickets items, just lots of clothes and toys.  It was still dark and I was setting up when I made my first $4.  Six hours later, my total sales were $25!  Garage sale fail!

Next up, we were headed to the North Georgia Fair.  I bought tickets last weekend so we were all set.  On the way there, Janie said that her tummy was hurting.  We had to stop twice so she could go to the bathroom.  After going back and forth and driving more than halfway there, we decided that it was not wise to take her to the fair.  Luckily, my parents were home so we were able to drop Janie off with them and still use the tickets that I purchased.  Although Janie wanted to go to the fair, I think she was relieved that she didn’t have to go because she wasn’t feeling well.  Nolan had a good time at the fair and it was nice to get some one on one time with him.

This picture cracks me up!

He said that the motorcycles were too fast.

He loved the slide!

On Sunday, we had planned to spend the day at church for the Parish Picnic.  Unfortunately, Janie still wasn’t feeling well and I really wasn’t either.  My voice is still pretty husky and now I have a cough to go with it.  So, the rest of the family headed to the church festivities and Janie and I stayed home to rest, work on her book report and catch up on laundry.

Janie’s my little artist!


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Halloween Costumes

Yesterday, MYHABIT had some super cute Halloween costumes for under $20 with free shipping.  They still have a few left so go check them out!  You can use your Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks towards MYHABIT purchases.  Happy shopping!


Janie’s Birthday Parties

We don’t really do much for birthday parties until age 4.  Up to that point, they really don’t have a ton of friends so we just have a party with family and close friends.  Here are Janie’s birthday parties for ages 4, 5 and 6.

Age 4 – A princess party

There is a local company that has all kinds of characters that are available for parties.  They make balloon animals, do tattoos, face or hand paint and a magic show.  The kids love it!

The birthday princess.  I purchased the Ariel costume on Ebay and she wore it for her party and two Halloweens (her choice and I didn’t argue).

We had all of the girls wear their princess costumes and provided costumes for anyone that did not have one.

The cake

Janie and Ariel = one happy birthday girl

Age 5 – Toy Story

We loved having the character from the year before so we decided to do it again.  That year, Janie had a small class with some boys so we decided that a Toy Story theme would work for boys and girls.  Janie was very much into Jessie at that time so it worked out well.

Jessie and Woody.  I purchased these shirts from the Disney store.  The kids wore them to Disney that year and also for Halloween.

The cake

Jessie Hat cookies as party favors.  More on these can be found here.

Tattoos and face paint

Another happy birthday girl!

Age 6 – A Tea Party

We decided on another girl party for this year.  We had lemonade (in teapots and cups), finger sandwiches and fruit salad.  We painted nails and did a craft.

Age 1 – 5 in pictures

The decor

Teapot cake, tea cup cupcakes and sugar cube candle holdersLots of little girlsI still can’t believe that she’s 6!

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1st grade

First grade is no joke!  I’m amazed at all the stuff they’re doing already.  Janie has a book report due next month.  I’m so happy with her teacher this year.  Her communication and reward systems are great!  Janie got off the bus all excited today because she earned a no shoes for a day pass 🙂

From what I’ve heard, schools are no longer teaching cursive.  That makes me so sad!  How will they have signatures?  Or be able to doodle their future last name and children’s names?  Janie has really expressed an interest in learning cursive so for her “free” homework box, she wanted to write cursive letters.

Janie had fall break last week so we worked really hard on sight words and homework.  We had a little fun too!

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Weekend in review

Nolan’s school had a cultural parade on Friday.  Unfortunately, this is still what happens when I show up to most school events.

Once he sees me, it’s all over.  Smores and banana boats at the fire pit with neighbors on Friday night made it all better though!

I was at a church function on Saturday so Tim and my mother in law took the kids to a hunting and fishing festival.

My mother in law was in the snake show!  As Janie says, “she faced her fears.”  Looks like there was lots of that going on Saturday!

Saturday night, we had a cookout and watched our Dawgs win with friends.  Then on Sunday, after some time with my parents, we took the kids to a local mountain for a picnic dinner.  We were going to hike up the mountain but we weren’t really prepared, I was carrying my purse and we didn’t bring water.  We didn’t make it all the way up but we had a nice hike (with a few tears, of course) and then a picnic dinner.

It was a nice weekend with beautiful weather!

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Show Us Your Singles

I’m linking up to Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Singles.  This is my best friend, Jennifer.

We have been friends since 9th grade.  I was the new kid, she befriended me and we have been friends ever since!

Jennifer is a single mom to a teenager; she adopted her niece 8 years ago.  Jennifer is a great mom and a great aunt to my children.

Jennifer has a huge heart and is always there for anyone when they need her.  She lives in metro Atlanta and works in marketing.  She’s a great catch 🙂