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A house full

I had a house full of kids this weekend.  Tim was out of town so my mom came over to assist, thank God for Nana!  Since my sister is dealing with a kidney infection, my nieces came too.  That’s six kids!  There were tears from every child at one point during the weekend.

I signed my kids and I up for a 5K (I didn’t know that the Safe Families children would be with us when I registered).  I expected lots of complain from Janie but she surprised me and was actually the one that tried to keep Nolan going.  Mr. Energy lost steam about 20 feet into the race.  He said that he never wants to do a 5K again, although he did enjoy the snacks at the end.  My mom and I took all 6 kids to IHOP after the race.  Nothing like a little bribery to get them to the end!  When’s the next holiday weekend?  I’m ready for it!

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I’m no Forrest Gump

My running partner and I were up to week 6, day 3 on Couch to 5K.  That 22 minute run about killed us!  The first 11 minutes were good but that last half was awful.  I don’t know if it was the heat (we go out between 7 – 8pm so we’re not dealing with the sun) or what I had eaten that day but it was no fun and made me wonder why I’m even running anyway.  Luckily, my friend was there to keep me going so we finished.  We both knew the next run was a 25 minute run.  The next time we met, we decided to go back a few weeks.  We went back to week 5 and did three 5 minute runs.  I don’t know what our plan will be from here.  Running has gotten easier and my breathing is better.  Our pace is pretty sad but hey, we’re running.  I like to finish things that I start so I’m tempted to just finish and get the to 5K but I don’t know if I can.  Should I run the other way?!

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5 for Friday

  1. It’s crazy how much milk you go through with one extra person in the house.  I have literally made a milk run every night since Tuesday.  Yesterday I was smart and bought two gallons so I shouldn’t have to run out tonight, I hope!
  2. My children are awesome!  They have handled this transition so well.  Janie needs to be a social worker when she grows up, she has been amazing!
  3. I asked to try StitchFix for my Mother’s Day gift.  My first “fix” is scheduled for mid June.  I’ll let you know what I think.  I’ve heard great things so I’m hopeful that I’ll have some new pieces to wear soon.
  4. How great is this pillow cover?!?  I ordered it from GroopDealz and I think it was made for this chaise. June 007
  5. I’m on week 3 of Couch to 5K and I still hate it.  At what stage does running become enjoyable?  It’s obviously beyond week 3.

Have a great weekend!


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Weekend Wrap Up

We enjoyed our last weekend of summer break!  We had dinner with friends on Friday night.  Nolan found this hat, wig, not sure what you call it…..

CAM00979Then I got up early on Saturday morning to participate in the Run or Dye 5K with some of my friends from Zumba.

It was much more organized than the Color Run.  We had a great time running/walking through Atlanta!

While I was gone, Tim took the kids to Home Depot and they happened to have a kids workshop going on so they got to build and paint a truck.  Good timing, dad!

CAM00392Then we had fun with neighbors at the lake for a back to school bash.  Janie and a friend always end up collecting trash.  Such good little community helpers.  I just wish we would remember to bring gloves for them!

This boy can cast a line like he’s been fishing for years!


Then he looks cute while waiting for the magic to happen.

CAM00987We went to our former neighborhood for a cookout on Sunday evening.  It was fun to see old friends!

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Parties, movie and ouch

Happy Monday!  We went to two birthday parties this weekend.  One was at a pizza place.  My friend refers to it as Chuck E Cheese Lite.  It’s got all the games, tickets and prizes without the mass chaos and motorized, singing rodents.

Good ole Southern boys practicing their hunting skills

CAM00921We also won tickets to Turbo.  It was really cute!  We should never sit in the middle of a row with Nolan after he has had lemonade.

CAM00931And I started bootcamp on Saturday morning.  My abs and legs are killing me!  Please don’t make me laugh or sit on a toilet (hard to avoid that one).  It’s a good pain though… pain, no gain (or loss).

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Ladies Night

I had two nights out this week!  I went to a paining class with some neighbors and friends.  These classes are so much fun.  If you haven’t done one, you need to try it.

CAM00916I’m not in love with this painting but I used a Groupon and had fun so it was worth it!  Anyone have a place to hang it?  If so, it’s yours.

I got tickets through Cinemoms for The Way, Way Back last night.  Tim wasn’t all that interested so I asked my bestie to be my date.  It was so good!

We have a kids birthday party tonight.  I’m starting boot camp in the morning.  I’m not looking to lose any weight this time but I really want to tone up.  I have a feeling that my Monday morning post may be titled “Ouch”.  Have a great weekend!