Life with the Bs

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Midweek Post

This week is going by at a snail’s pace!  I can’t believe that it’s only Wednesday.  We have officially delivered and collected on all but one Girl Scout cookie order!  It really wasn’t all that bad.  However, it was brought to my attention that the Girl Scouts may actually be working against our beliefs.  I’m still investigating but it looks like this may be our first and last year of Girl Scouts.  Janie was kind of bummed that they camp in cabins and not the great outdoors.  Maybe we can start our own group of girls that camp outside 🙂

We finally decided on a vacation destination for our anniversary trip.  We are going to Costa Rica!  We have never been so if you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know.  Now I’m trying to find the best time to book plane tickets because they aren’t cheap.

We got our carpets cleaned yesterday.  They still looked pretty good but had a few spots here and there.  And I know that they have been thrown up on a time or two.  Why is it that kids always end up throwing up on the carpet, rarely hardwoods or things that can be thrown in the wash.  They look great, now I just need to keep them that way.

The boys were going to go camping with some friends/neighbors this weekend but the low for Saturday night is 28.  Doesn’t sound like fun to me!  Imagine having to take Nolan to pee in the middle of the night.  Looks like they are going to reschedule.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Sorry about the lack of pictures.  Have a great Wednesday!

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Sunday nap

Nolan is napping and Janie is at my parents so I’m sticking to my Lenten promise – not to blog while my kids are awake.  The longer that I’m away from Facebook, the more I think I could do without it!

We’ve had a good week/weekend.  Janie was out of school last week so she had some play dates and a sleepover.  Tim took her fishing on Thursday and they caught dinner for Friday night.  Tim is all into living off the land!  I’m cool with anything that helps the grocery budget.  I take that back, I’m not eating squirrel, rabbit or beaver (we have all of that in our freezer right now).

CAM00575I was pampered on Saturday morning!  Tim got me a mini facial, shoulder, scalp and hand massage and foot reflexology for Valentine’s Day.  I left there feeling like jelly!  It was good preparation for what I was headed into.  We went to our Godson’s 5th birthday party at a local play place.  It was crazy but the kids had a blast!

Preston party 002 Preston party 009 Preston party 011 Preston party 023 Preston party 025After the party, Janie and I headed out to meet her girl scout troop to sell more cookies.

CAM00580Janie has sold over 300 boxes of cookies!  I think she may have a future in sales, like her mama 🙂


40th Birthday Ideas

We are at the stage in life where our friends are starting to turn the big 4-0.  The OLD ones, that is 🙂  I remember when my dad turned forty, his co-worker made him a poster board with candy bars.  I remember thinking that was super cool and wanted to eat the candy, of course.  I decided to see if I could find some of the wording to get me started.  I did but then couldn’t find all of the candy.  This is what I came up with for my first poster……

Birthdays 002CAnd the latest one……

Feb 002There are also these cute ideas on Pinterest…….

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The kids were out of school today so we took a quick little overnight trip to Chattanooga.  Tim and I had gone to Rock City and Ruby Falls as teenagers so we were excited to visit again.  It was really cold for the South this weekend though.  In fact, it was so cold that they cancelled Nolan’s baseball practice on Saturday.  So we decided to pass on Rock City.  We got to Chattanooga late Sunday morning.  We had lunch at Sugar’s.  I had chicken tacos and they were fabulous!  Then we went to the Creative Discovery Museum.  It was a great children’s museum, much better than the one that we have in Atlanta.

Chattanooga 004 Chattanooga 006c Chattanooga 009Nolan wasn’t sure about climbing so Tim went with him.  Now that’s a good daddy!

Chattanooga 017c Chattanooga 018After the museum, we checked in at the Hilton Garden Inn.  We got the room for $70 using Priceline’s name your price.  Then we headed out for pizza and drove by the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

Chattanooga 036cSunday morning, we went back to the Choo-Choo so we could see the train.  Nolan was really looking forward to this!

Chattanooga 040 Chattanooga 041 Chattanooga 043Next up was Ruby Falls.  Janie was pretty excited about it.  She told our tour guide where she thinks the water comes from, she’s got it all figured out!

Chattanooga 044c Chattanooga 065We hit the outlet mall on the way home.  It’s always fun to get Tim’s into a store.  It doesn’t happen often!  We had a nice night away!

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Today marks the first day of Lent.  This means that my posts will be sporadic because I’m giving up web browsing (blogging, Facebook, etc) until my kids are in bed.  I figure that my work and kids could use more of my attention so that’s what I plan to give them for the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully, I will find out that it’s not so bad and make a permanent change.

Today at mass, our priest talked about how it can just be a small thing that you give up.  He used ketchup as an example.  I told Janie that would be a perfect thing for her to give up.  Her response was, “but what if I eat something that needs ketchup?”  I think she’s missing the point!

We are also encouraged to add something good in during Lent.  This could be going to daily mass, being more prayerful, or giving of your time.  I want to come up with a bag(s) of things to donate.  I know I have lots of stuff that can find a new home but I also want to look into working at our church’s food pantry.  I hoping that this is something that Janie can do with me!

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There’s no crying in baseball

As I mentioned, Nolan had his first baseball practice on Saturday.  He was so excited to play baseball, like his cousin Preston.  We thought it was going to be great so we showed up to the field with camera in hand.

Feb 016See our star player when it came his turn to run to first base.  Really?!?  We knew that Janie was that kid but never expected this out of our easy going boy that was so excited about baseball.  Luckily, he warmed up to the idea.  He ended up practicing with his team and he had a great time!

Feb 027 Feb 023 Feb 019By the end of the hour and half practice, about half of the kids on his team cried.  He may have been the first but he was not the last to cry during baseball.