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Show Us Your Singles

Welcome!  Today I’m posting about my little brother, otherwise known as Uncle Bean.  His name is Tim, he’s 29 years old and lives in metro Atlanta.  He’s employed and lives on his own – very good traits, if I do say so myself.  He has never been married.  He loves music and movies.  He’s a great uncle to his 3 nieces and 1 nephew.  Although, after he bought Janie a vibrating Ernie/Bert, ball/head thing that she cried at the sight of, I suggested that he stick with purchasing books for the children.  He’s done a great job with books!

Thanksgiving 020And he’s not really all that tall (maybe 5″8 or 9′).  My sister and I are just really short.

Weekend 8.22 023

He’s got tattoos but don’t let that scare you away.  He’s a great guy with a big heart!

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Our weekend

As usual, we had a busy weekend!  Janie, her friend and I went to World Thinking Day put on by the Girl Scouts.  It was cute!  The girls got to visit different countries to learn about them and try some cuisine.

Next up was a birthday bonfire for Haley’s 16th birthday.  This is how a Christmas tree goes up.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was no dramatization!

CAM00520(1)Haley loves to bake with her grandma.  Isn’t this the cutest gift!

Jan 2013 003On Sunday, we paid for letting Nolan stay up too late!  He was mad at church because our family brought up the gifts and there was nothing for him to carry.  Then when the collection basket came around, he put his money in and took it back out.  After church, we made him put it in an envelope and back in the collection basket.  He was in a grumpy mood most of the day.

Luckily, Nolan snapped out of his mood in time for Papa’s birthday dinner.  My dad’s birthday is this week so we treated my parents to a sushi dinner.  Then we came back to the house for birthday brownies.

Jan 2013 007


Frame a mirror

I’ve been wanting to frame the mirrors in our bathrooms for awhile now.  My father in law was given some walnut pieces.  He gave us some left over pieces so we could frame the mirror in the bathroom on our main floor.  We left it raw at first and it had a rustic look but that didn’t really go with our bathroom decor.  So we Tim stained it black this weekend.  I really like the way it turned out!


House stuff 020After

CAM00519Now I need to talk Tim into doing this in our master bathroom……

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Midweek Randoms

Sorry, this is all I’ve got today:

  • Nolan asked how long to his birthday this morning.  I said that he still has 6 months but asked what he wants to do.  He said, “I want my party at Papa’s house.”  I asked if he wants his friends to come to Papa’s house and he said, “yeah, I will say this is my friend Papa.”  He loves his Papa!
  • Twice in the past couple of months, I have left the house without doing all of my makeup.  Leaving the house without makeup is not that strange for me.  But leaving the house after doing my hair, putting on a cute outfit and thinking that I have makeup on is quite a shock when you look in the mirror and realized that you have been walking around for hours with no eye makeup on.  This must be a sign of old age!
  • I was really disappointed in the show Parenthood for their abortion story line!  They didn’t even show much emotion with it.  So sad!
  • Janie got the game Hedbanz for Christmas.  Nolan ends up giving someone up each game but it’s still lots of fun.  CAM00489
  • I was really happy with the Private Practice series finale.  They wrapped the show up well!
  • That’s it for now.  Happy Wednesday!

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Movie and Soup

We had a pretty good weekend!  Janie won a round of bingo at her school Bingo Night.  She was disappointed that she didn’t win the Xbox, which was funny because I have never heard her say anything about wanting an Xbox.  Maybe she just likes to win, like her super competitive parents.

I won tickets for a showing of Peter Pan on Saturday morning.  They asked that the kids wear pajamas so that was a special treat.

CAM00498Both kids fell asleep on the way home!

CAM00502Tim is a hunter so we have lots of venison in the freezer.  We choose to get most of it ground because I can substitute it in most ground beef or turkey recipes.  According, to myfitnesspal, venison has way less fat than beef and more protein than turkey and beef.  And it’s organic!

On Saturday night, I made an excellent vegetable soup with stuff that I had on hand.  Here’s the recipe:

1lb ground meat (venison, turkey or beef will work)

3 whole carrots sliced

2 celery stalks sliced

1 small onion minced

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 tub of Knorr concentrated vegetable stock

2 cups of water

1 bay leaf

a dash of salt

a dash of basil

a dash of garlic powder

Brown meat and onions in a skillet.  Put all of the other ingredients in a crock pot.  Add the browned meat and onions.  I had mine in the crock pot on high for about 1.5 hours.  We liked that the carrots and celery were still a little crisp.  I served it with corn bread muffins and it was a huge hit!