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Weekend Wrap Up

Where does the weekend go???  Tim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend.  We had a date night at Chops.  One of our friends (he was actually one of our groomsmen) works there and he gave us the royal treatment.  Maybe they treat every patron like that but I like to think we have the hook up.  To say he fed us well is an understatement, we woke up on Sunday morning and were still stuffed.


The kids were invited to a water slide birthday party on Sunday.  Such a fun party!

water slide

Then the same friend from Chops came over and made us dinner…..homemade french fries, Caesar salad, and steak sandwiches. Yum!!!  I can safely say that I ate my calories for the entire week over the weekend.  Rabbit food for the rest of the week.


Friday 5

Happy Friday!

  • This has been an interesting week with two kids in two different camps that have the same hours.  Janie enjoyed her softball camp.  On the last day, they practiced their sliding skills on a Slip N’ Slide!
  • Nolan has been at safety camp.  He had an unsafe day yesterday when he got a speeding ticket while riding his bike in Safety Town.  Then he went with the stranger on the playground to find his dog and he took the candy that the stranger offered.  He told me, “it wasn’t poison candy, he said he got it from the store.”  And this is why he’s at safety camp!
  • In gardening news, we have lots of veggies coming up!  CAM01626But what is going on with my bloom-less hydrangeas?  They’ve done well every other year.  CAM01625
  • I’m on week 6 of Couch to 5K.  My running partner and I ran for 20 minutes straight last night!  We couldn’t believe it!  To think just 6 weeks ago we were having trouble running for 90 seconds.  I will admit that we found the most down hill/flat route possible.  I’m starting to feel like a runner!
  • We are finally putting a roof over our back deck this weekend.  It gets full sun all day so it’s just miserable out there.  Now we will actually get to use it!  If you have any suggestions for outdoor furniture, please share.

Have a great weekend!


Stitch Fix Outfit 3

Here’s my third and final Stitch Fix outfit (outfit 1 and outfit 2).

Stitch Fix Outfit 3

This shirt was questionable at first.  I liked the color and I don’t have much blue but the fit is very boxy.  I felt like it made me look bigger than I am.  However, the shirt grew on me.  I tried belting it and it looks cute and dressier that way.  I’m also wearing the white shorts, un-cuffed this time, that came in my fix (excuse the wrinkles).

Overall review of Stitch Fix:

It was so much fun to receive a box of clothes that someone else picked out for you.  Now you know that I’m cheap frugal so I can’t see doing this more than once or twice a year, maybe once in the winter and once in the summer to get some new pieces for each season.  I also work from home so I don’t have a need for lots of new clothes.  However, it’s a great way to incorporate some new styles and colors into your wardrobe.  As I mentioned, I changed my style profile to exclude jewelry.  If you feel like you have enough dresses, you can exclude those as well.  What comes in your fix is really up to you.  It’s a lot of fun and the prices are reasonable with the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.


Stitch Fix Outfit 2

This dress is my favorite piece that I received in my Stitch Fix package.  It’s a great balance between casual and dressy.  It’s fully lined and fits well.  I love a good summer dress so this was a total win!

Stitch fix 2

I’m also wearing another item that came in my fix.  I have tons of necklaces so I considered not keeping this one.  However, it has both gold and silver and I don’t have anything like that and it looks great with this dress.  I think I will change my style profile to focus on clothes for future fixes.  I also think I can find jewelry at better deals.  But with the 25% discount for keeping it all, I made more sense to keep it.

Nolan's 5th Birthday 020

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Jersey Boys

Last week my BFF and I had a girls night out.  I won ticket through Cinemoms to Happy Hour followed by the premier of Jersey Boys.  I honestly knew nothing about the movie but was all for a girls night out.  It was great!  The music is amazing and who knew Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons sang all of those great hits.  After seeing the movie, I would really love to see the play.  If you’re looking to get out of the heat this weekend, I highly recommend this movie!


Stitch Fix Outfit 1

I received my first “fix” from Stitch Fix this week!  I’m happy to report that I kept all 5 items.  I couldn’t believe that they all fit and I liked them all.  There were 3 pieces that I loved!  I’m going to share the different outfits as I wear them.  Here’s outfit one:



It’s evident that I’m not a fashion blogger and that my 8 year old was my photog.  Both the shirt and the shorts came from Stitch Fix.  The shorts are awesome!  A perfect fit, neither too long nor short, and the correct rise for me.  The shirt is not something I would ever pick out because it has pink and as I redhead, I stay away from pink.  I really love it though!

As far as prices go, it was more than I regularly spend on clothes.  However, it was my Mother’s Day gift so I can splurge a little and I got the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.  Once you factor in the discount, each item came to about $35….not too bad!  I think everyone should fill out a style profile.  It’s fun to rate the outfits and find out more about what you like.  You don’t have to schedule a “fix” until you’re ready.  I think it would be fun to do once or twice a year.

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Superhero Party

We celebrated Nolan’s 5th birthday this weekend with a Superhero Party.

Nolan's 5th Birthday 001

Thanks to Pinterest for this idea!

Nolan's 5th Birthday 002

I’m not a fan of goodie bags so these Pop-Its were our take away.  I thought they were perfect for a Superhero party!

Nolan's 5th Birthday 007

My best friend’s mom never disappoints with her cakes!

Nolan's 5th Birthday 083

Spider-Man even showed up!  He did magic tricks, balloon animals and tattoos with the kids.

Nolan's 5th Birthday 101c

This is one happy birthday boy!

Nolan's 5th Birthday 047

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TV talk and some other stuff

I don’t have anything to post about today so here’s a bunch of random stuff:

–  We watched Saving Mr. Banks.  I fell asleep on the first attempt (no surprise there) but we finished it the next day and Tim and I really enjoyed it.  Then we had to watch Mary Poppins with the kids, of course.  I think I would have fought the animated penguins too!

– I really didn’t enjoy the first half of the last season of Mad Men, until I read this.  Then I felt dumb for not picking up on the meaning behind the story lines.

– Tim and I started House of Cards and I’m not exactly sold yet but I’m still watching.  It was funny to drive by the Gaffney peach on our way to Great Wolf Lodge after watching that episode.  We too had to snap a picture but I had a passenger be my photographer.   The peach really needs to go!

– I watched the recap episode of the Bachelorette so I think I’m caught up.  Josh M. is my pick so far.  I guess abc is running out of date ideas!  The old people make over…..that was a little out there!

– We’re back to our family of four.  Our first Safe Families hosting experience was great!  It was an adjustment for all of us but it really worked out well.

– Nolan’s enjoying his first Vacation Bible School week.  He’s napped for over 2 hours the past few days!  They’re wearing him out.  Janie’s enjoying it too but it’s her 5th year so she’s an old pro.

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Mudroom envy

We bought our house well before the mudroom boom.  They’re still building in our neighborhood and I have to admin that I have some mudroom envy.  There are some fabulous mudrooms out there (like this and this).  When your house doesn’t have a mudroom, this tends to happen…..

June 002

We have hooks by the door to the garage and we put our keys there but the kids are too short for the hooks so they just drop their bags on the floor or steps (an accident waiting to happen).

I asked Tim if he could do a built in cubby under the bar there where we all drop our stuff.  He actually built this little divider that’s removable.  It’s perfect!

June 005