Life with the Bs

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First and Last

Janie’s first and last day of 2nd grade….

2nd gradeI honestly think she could be taller than me by the end of 3rd grade.  I’m happy to report that those tennis shoes made it through the whole school year!  Now that’s some exciting news!!!

Nolan’s first and last day of PreK….

Nolan PreKHis future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!  That and the sun was burning his retinas and making him make funny faces in my picture so we opted for the glasses.

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The Graduate

May 052

My baby graduated from PreK!  Not that it’s a huge accomplishment, we never doubted his ability to color and take a nap.  However, it closes a major chapter in our lives!  For 7 years, we have walked through the doors at Primrose each morning.  Because I work from home, I would have water cooler chats with these ladies; they were like my coworkers.  They have always put my children first and even taken care of our family when needed.  Although I won’t miss writing that weekly check, I will dearly miss our Primrose family!

Hard to believe that these picture are three years apart!


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The Last Episode

I finished both Scandal and Breaking Bad this weekend!  Scandal was great but I could have done without a few of the deaths and other gross things (I don’t want to spoil anything but if you watched it, I’m sure you can guess).  Tim and I both enjoyed Breaking Bad.  I hope Jesse Pinkman is out there living a normal life, if that’s even possible (well, of course not since he’s not real).  Now I want Tim and I to watch House of Cards.  I hope he’s on board.

Although it sounds like we watched TV all weekend, we also made time for dinner with friends, sleepovers,  the pool, and shopping.  The boys went fishing while Janie and I shopped.  Nolan caught a frog that has been anywhere from 6 – 12 inches when he tells the story.  He says is was HUGE!  It’s 6pm on Sunday night and Nolan looks like this…….


A sign of a good weekend.  I hope you had a good weekend as well.  And my humble gratitude goes to all those that have made the ultimate sacrifice!



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TBT Stories

I’m linking up with The Mom Creative today for Throwback Thursday Stories.  With Nolan’s graduation tonight, I wanted to share a picture from Janie’s PreK graduation.  The boys on either side of Janie give me a glimpse into what Nolan will be doing.

PreK Graduation 020

I couldn’t believe that my oldest was graduating from PreK and going on to “the big school” but I knew that she was ready.  Now it’s my baby’s turn!  If it wasn’t for Janie being the little mother that she is, I don’t know that I would be ready to put him on that bus in August.  Janie was fine and I know that he will be too.  Thankfully, I know Janie will watch out for her little brother and make sure he isn’t scared or wandering the halls.

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Team Boom

We got to meet Tripp Halstead last night!  We’ve been praying for Tripp since October of 2012 when he suffered a traumatic brain injury on his daycare playground.  A large tree limb fell and crushed his skull.  His mom, Stacy, posts about their daily life, struggles, and prayer request on FaceBook.  When they filmed the movie Blended here in Atlanta, Tripp got to go on set and meet the cast, including Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  She posted that they were invited to the pre-screening last night.  We also had tickets through CineMoms.  I’m not generally one to go up to someone but when they walked in the theater and got comfortable I had to walk down to meet them.  Stacy was so sweet!  I told her that I feel like I know her and she said that they get that all the time.  She told me all about Tripp’s latest surgery to get his tonsils out and how much he’s improved since then.  I told her that Janie and I pray for Tripp and that he is as precious in person!  The movie was great and sweet Tripp was still awake at the end so I think he enjoyed it too!



Happy Monday!  I have some updates for you.  Thanks to Garden Ridge and Goodwill, I was able to complete our gallery wall this weekend.  It’s not perfect but it’s done and that’s generally how I roll.

May 006We’ve been waiting to pick up a bench that we ordered.  Some friends had one and I loved it so I was trying come up with a place for it.  We didn’t have a great place in the house so we chose to put it on the front porch.  The couple that makes them buys old headboards and makes them into benches.  Their prices are really reasonable and their work is beautiful!

May 002

And the most exciting update of all is that Scandal Season 3 is on Netflix!  I just noticed yesterday so I’ve only watched episode one.  You can guess what I will be doing in my spare time this week!

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Almost Summer

Here’s evidence that summer is getting close…..

1. The ice cream man is making regular rounds.  Janie had run up to her room to get some money and Nolan was standing by the ice cream truck while some neighbor girls were buying their ice cream.  I turned around and there was Nolan with a Bubble Gum Pop (so gross).  I looked at the ice cream man and he said, “I gave it to him.”  What a nice guy!

CAM01549(Nolan had been riding his bike so that’s why he’s wearing a helmet.  Although I have considered making him wear one all the time!)

2.  Baseball and softball are over!  Well, Janie’s tournament starts tonight but considering that they haven’t won a regular season game, I’m thinking they will be out after one game.  It’s really bittersweet.

2. Janie had field day this week.  I love field day games…..tug of war, relay races, limbo.  They have now added water games and she came home soaked!

May 002

4.  We have graduation and awards ceremonies next week.  Another school year behind us!

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Just do it

We offer our prayers, sympathy, and help to people that are struggling.  But how often do we actually take care of a need?  I’m guilty of this too.  We tell them to reach out if they need anything with both parties knowing that’s unlikely.  Maybe we’re thinking, I’ve done my part by putting the offer out there but was it really an offer or more of an empty promise?

We have a neighbor that suddenly lost her husband late last year.  I put a card in her mailbox a month or two later to let her know that we were praying and said to let us know if there is anything that we can do.  Of course, she never asked.  I drove by her house this week and noticed that her lawn hadn’t been mowed.  The thought of mowing for her crossed my mind.  Then she tagged one of my friends in a post on FB about this topic.  Don’t wait for someone else to act.  If you see a need, take care of it.  Yesterday, my dad’s lawn service went out and took care of her lawn.

My parents had to move from the home that they lived in for 20 years earlier this year.  My mom mentioned to one of their neighbors at church one weekend that they were moving.  That Saturday, four neighbors showed up at their front door ready to help load the moving truck.  We really couldn’t have done it without them!

Look for a way to bless someone this week……let them go in front of you at the grocery store, mow a lawn, make a dinner, buy a coffee, or babysit for a friend.  Don’t offer, just do it!


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First Communion

Janie celebrated her First Communion on Saturday.  We were very excited for her to receive Jesus for the first time.  I didn’t get to wear a veil for my First Communion so I made sure my daughter did!

1st communion 039_edit

It’s wild to think the last time she wore a white dress and received a sacrament was her baptism and the next time will be her wedding!

She wore the same crucifix that she got from my grandparents for both sacraments.

May 064

We had a reception with friends and family following Mass.  Janie’s Godparents couldn’t join us but her Godmother made this beautiful cake for her.

May 073

It was a very special weekend!

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Always on a Sunday

Nolan brought home his Mother’s Day gifts last night and just couldn’t wait for me to open them.  His excitement was pretty cute!  But then I got this blow…..


Forty?!?!  Come on Nolan!  We have never built an airport out of blocks so I guess we better get on that since it’s his favorite thing to do with me.  The rest of it was spot on though.  Green happens to be my favorite color so I made sure to wear it at muffins for mom so I would look pretty!

Janie brought a Mother’s Day card up to me this morning.  It was a cute card and very fitting but I had to wonder why I got it today.  When Tim got back from the bus stop, I asked and he said that he thought Mother’s Day was today.  Ha!  He blamed the radio for his confusion.  I said it’s fine, I really don’t mind celebrating all weekend.  However, Mother’s Day has always been on a Sunday.