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We finally completed our deck this weekend.  Well, the top of the deck, the under deck still needs some work.  We started this project back in June.  Then it was hot, we got 2 extra kids, and baseball and softball took over our weekends.  But we finally finished!

The before shot

Deck 001We have full sun on the back of our house all day.  So the sun had done a number on the decking and we wanted to cover it so we could actually enjoy the space.

Oct 001

Oct 006 Oct 008 Oct 011We hired someone for the roof (Tim doesn’t do heights).  Then we replaced the deck boards that needed to be replaced and painted all the deck boards with Restore.  It’s so thick, it was like spreading peanut butter.  It really looks great!  Then Tim build a pallet coffee table.  I wanted a pop of color out there so we picked Behr’s Tropical Tide.  Nolan dropped the first quart of paint in the kitchen so my hardwoods and kitchen wall were also Tropical Tide.  Cleaning that up didn’t seem like much of a tropical vacation but it all came up excluding a few spots on the wall.  I needed to tie the green, navy, and turquoise together so I got some fabric paint and added the circles to the pillow.  I really love how it all came together!

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Moving on

Janie has entered retirement in her softball career.  She decided that she wants to move on to something else.  There have been talks of dance and karate.  Her team went out with a bang and ended the season undefeated.


Her coach gifted them with a softball that had their name, number, team name and the year printed on it.  He even brought Sharpies so they could all sign….such a great idea!

I’m going to take a blog break.  I may post on occasion but I’m just not feeling it much anymore.  Just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive, just not posting regularly.  Have a great week!


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Midweek Randoms

Happy Wednesday!  This week is going by quickly.

  • Janie was home sick yesterday so I introduced her to The Price is Right.  I remember watching it when I stayed home from school.  She said she liked it but it’s just not the same without Bob Barker.

  • I really like Gwen and Pharrell on The Voice this season!  I think this is my favorite team yet.

  • We got a sneak peek of our photo session and I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  I can’t share them here until Christmas cards go out though.
  • We got a letter from the mom of the children that we had through Safe Families.  She thanked us again and said that one of the children asked why they don’t say their prayers before bed anymore.  She said that they pray before meals and when they’re scared but they hadn’t got into the habit of praying before bed but they’re working on it.  I’m so thankful that we had the opportunity to share our faith with them!
  • Is it really mid October!?!  I usually have Halloween costumes figured out and most of my Christmas shopping complete by now.  We’re still working on Janie’s costume.  I think she’s over my themes.



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Not as planned

Not much went as planned this weekend.  We were supposed to have 2 ball games, paint the deck (finally), and have family pictures taken.  We started with Janie’s game on Saturday morning, it rained at times during the game and they even stopped it for a little bit but the game went on.  It was tied and Janie was up to bat with 2 outs and 2 strikes.  She got a HIT!   This was her first hit all season and I had tears in my eyes.  Her hit kept the game alive and they ended up winning 8 – 6.  The game winning hit calls for ice cream!

CAM01828Nolan’s game was cancelled and our plans for the deck squashed due to the rain.  So we watched the GA game and made a quick trip up to the pumpkin patch.

Oct 001Then came the most unexpected part of the weekend…..we were buying a refrigerator at 9pm on Saturday night.  Our always frozen water line started working last week so we were really excited.  Then on Saturday I opened the freezer to find that all of our bread was soft and so was everything else!  Thankfully, we didn’t have too much in there.  Tim cooked all the meat on the grill last night.  Our new refrigerator is set for delivery tomorrow.

We were supposed to have family pictures taken at a local mill yesterday.  It started pouring while we were at church so I thought those plans were shot.  Luckily, the photographer lives in our neighborhood so as soon as things cleared up, she sent me a message and we headed outside.  We were able to get our shoot in and I can’t wait to see them!

Not as planned but we still had a great weekend and were able to fit in lots of fun things!

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The Man Cave

Man Crates asked me to be part of their Man Cave Makeovers Campaign.  They have some really great gifts for men!  Honestly, I could find one for Tim under every heading (Carnivore, Survival, Beer Lover, Snack Enthusiast, Gamer and Athlete).  The man of many hobbies!  I could see getting my brother the Old School Crate.

We have a man cave but there’s always room for additions or upgrades!

  • We could use some cool lighting above the bar or game table:

beer bottle chandelier

  • I really like this bar seating behind the couch.  We’re always short on seating when we have people over for the game.

  • Since I spend some time in the man cave, I think we need a place for wine.  Love this barrel cabinet.

wine barrel bar ~ We picked up a barrel at an antique shop, hoping we can do something like this.  Derek would love this !! Lol

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Fall weekend

I’d like to say that we had a nice fall weekend filled with fall things like the pumpkin patch (my Facebook feed tells me that was the thing to do this weekend), apple picking (another thing to do this weekend according to FB), and college football but that would be a lie.  We’re running out of weekends so I need to make these things happen!

Here’s what really went on this weekend….I went to boot camp for the first time since August and can barely walk!  We did a little shopping and had a baseball and softball game.  Nolan’s game was a close one but they pulled off a win.  He was telling me that he wanted to play basketball.  Which is kind of funny since he’s pretty short but we were planning on signing him up.  The deadline is approaching and he decided against it.  There’s always next year if he wants to give it a try.  Janie plans to retire after this softball season.  She still hasn’t hit the ball, even with the new glasses.  I think we might go back to dance.  Tim’s pushing martial arts.  We’ll see what she decides but something that doesn’t have a season sounds good to me!

And here’s the only picture that I took all weekend.


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5 for Friday

  • After 5 years together my Magic Bullet died on me…..mid protein shake so that made it even worse.  It was a good run filled with lots of baby food, smoothies and protein shakes.  I won’t mourn the loss too long, I’m already in the market for a replacement.

  • I’ve attended 3 Barre classes now and I really enjoy them (as much as one can enjoy a workout)!  You definitely work muscles you didn’t know were there.
  • Why are all the good shows on the same night?  I should be excited about Thursdays, not stressed out by them!  What would we do without a DVR?
  • I’m considering trying Rodan+Fields.  Please share any feedback before I take the plunge.  By plunge I mean spend more money than I’m comfortable with on soap and moisturizer.
  • We’re having family pictures taken soon and I’m really having trouble with outfits.  It’s so hard to dress 4 people that coordinate without being too matchy.  I ordered this scarf from Cents of Style this morning at 60% off with coupon code COZY101.  As long as it’s a similar shade to Janie’s outfit, I plan to wear it.  Now I need to figure out what the boys will wear.

Ember- Sweater Infinity Scarf