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It’s all in the eyes

I got a call from Nolan’s school around lunch time on Friday saying that he was hit with a wooden block and they wanted me to come up there.  They said they didn’t think he needed stitches but they wanted me to make the call.  I’m not good with blood or emergencies but I went up there, of course.  The gash was small but I’m no pro with this stuff so I took him up to the Minute Clinic.  They do not treat cuts but she looked at it and said that she thought he was okay, just to ice it to get the swelling down.  I ran by another pharmacy to get a second opinion.  We know the pharmacist so I asked him if he thought we might need some of that glue stuff but he agreed that there was no need.  Scars are cool on guys, right?  Maybe his scar will start a trend, like Vanilla Ice!

CAM00747Nolan was such a tough guy!  He didn’t cry at all.  He woke up on Saturday with some nice purple and pink eye shadow though.

We got Nolan’s baseball pictures on Saturday.  Tim and I looked at them and he said…..”well, he has your eyes!”

crazyeyesHe’s referring to my crazy eyes!  We have big eyes and sometimes in pictures, they come out looking a little, maybe a lot, crazy!  We can’t help it; we were born this way.  Now do I have to wear the button?  He loves baseball but I don’t know that he is CRAZY about it!

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The Children’s Place sale

The Children’s Place has a friend and family sale going on through April 28.  You can get 25% off your entire purchase with coupon code FF25NOW.  I got Janie this $50 dress for her First Communion next year for less than $12 shipped!

Hard to see a white dress but you get the picture.

They have lots of other cute stuff under clearance.  Happy shopping!

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Not very nice

Nolan had his first mean little brother moment yesterday.  We had finished dinner and Nolan went upstairs.  He was quiet for awhile, something that always makes me nervous with him.   Then I realized that he was in Janie’s room…..trouble!  He had taken her pack of gum and put every piece, except one, in his mouth.  Then he spit it out in the trash can.  Nolan went to bed without a book and during prayers, Janie said that she forgave him.  He’s lucky to have such a sweet sister!

Update: I have fallen off of the 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge bandwagon 😦  However, I plan to switch out all of the winter and summer clothes for the kids this weekend so I will get some cleaning/organizing in.


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Track weekend

After watching the weather and going back and forth all week, our family packed up and headed to the motorcycle track in Florida.  Tim tries to go to the track a few times a year.  Honestly, it scares me (even though it is much safer than riding on the streets) so I have only gone once but some of his family was coming up so we decided that we would all go.  It was a great chance for the kids to see their daddy in action.

Nolan had been once and this was Janie’s first time.


We were going to camp at the track all weekend but it rained all night on Friday and it was very cold so we opted for a hotel.  I wish we had done the same on Saturday night because the low was 48 and we froze!  Janie and I ended up on the very, very small backseat of the truck and the boys stayed in the tent.  None of us woke up well rested.

Despite the cold temps at night, we had a great weekend!  The kids got to meet a second cousin for the first time.  We got to see Tim do really well in a mock race.

Nolan found a little lizard friend

CAM00735Tim’s fan club

CAM00741(1)Nolan is ready to ride

CAM00740Nolan and Jacob

CAM00739Janie loved playing with her baby cousins



My C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R


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Because they are better writers

My prayers are with everyone in the Boston area this morning!  I especially pray for all of the law enforcement that are risking their lives for our safety.

I don’t have much for today so I will direct you to some great posts…..

Please read Becca’s post at The Stanley Clan.  She is such an amazing writer and that Dove video is a must see.

And Kate’s post on the Go Lucy Go 5K.  Such a great family that has been through so much but still thinks about what they can do for others.

Rain, rain, go away…..we have plans that do not include you this weekend.



Bunco, Friends and Boston

I went to my first Bunco night on Friday.  I get the rolling stuff but I still don’t know when you change tables or what table you move to.  It was fun to hang with the ladies though!

We had some friends come up for the day Saturday.  The weather was beautiful so we had lunch and went to the park.

CAM00710Janie and I brought some stuff up to Goodwill on Sunday.  We had to stop in while we were there.  I told Janie that she could get a book.  She wanted a chapter book so we started looking and found The Boxcar Children!  She loves it and I love reading my childhood books!

My prayers are with Boston.  I’m so thankful for all of the heroes that reacted so quickly to take care of the injured.  My heart goes out to the families of Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard and Lu Lingzi.  Even though I want to be afraid, I know that fear is not the answer.

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in YOU.  In God I will praise His word, In God I have put my trust; I will not fear.  What can flesh do to me?  Psalm 56: 3-4

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Happy Friday

I’ve done well keeping up with the 30 day cleaning challenge.  It helped that we had company coming!  I tackled the guest bedroom on one of the bedroom days.

CAM00672We cleaned the hardwoods as well.  Sadly, this rarely gets done.  I’m good with vacuuming but I really dislike scrubbing the floors.  Luckily, I have free labor!

CAM00697(1)Here is yesterday’s project…..a clean living room.


Janie and I tried out the cake pop maker on banana nut muffin balls.  I forgot to spray the first set so many of them stuck when we opened it.  Janie said, “it’s a good thing we aren’t on Cupcake Wars!”  They turned out pretty good and made an easy breakfast the next morning.

CAM00688One of my college roommates came into town this week.  I don’t think we have seen each other since my graduation party.  It was so nice to meet her family and catch up!  There is a picture of my best friend Jennifer, Julie and I at the beach the summer after 10th grade somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.  In the middle picture below, we are trying to recreate that picture but it’s just not the same without the original!  The pictures on the side, from that same trip, will have to do.



Taking Care of Me

I’m joining Kelly’s Korner today for the Build ‘Em Up series.  Today is about taking care of you.  As mothers, we are the ones behind the camera, in the kitchen, or at work.  It’s hard to find time for ourselves while still doing everything that needs to be done.  Even though mommy guilt comes along with doing stuff for ourselves, we have to find time to do it.  Here are my suggestions:

– Keep in touch with your girlfriends.  We all need friends.  Although I now see them once a month/year, rather than once a day/week it’s important to maintain a relationship with friends.

We used the movie Bridesmaids as a reason to pull out the dresses that we just knew we would be able to wear again.

– Go on vacation with your spouse.  Although you will most likely talk about the kids the whole time, I think it’s so important to take a trip or even get a night away everyone once in awhile.012– Ask for help.  My husband is great and willing to help but most times I have to ask for it.  When I’m frantically trying to clean the house and the little tornadoes are messing up right behind me, I can ask him to take them somewhere and he’s happy to get them out of here.  I can clean the house in peace and that makes me happy!

– Most of all, don’t feel guilty.  This is something that I struggle with but I’m a better mom and wife when I take time to work out, have a glass of wine with neighbors and spend time with my girlfriends.


Weekend Wrap Up

What a beautiful weekend!  We started with smores at the fire pit with neighbors on Friday evening.

CAM00678Saturday morning I was up super early for the Color Run.  There were five of us from my neighborhood that signed up and it was fun.  We spent more time in the car getting there than we did actually walking but it was nice to hang out with girlfriends.

Before and After

Color run CAM00687This little guy had another baseball game.  I couldn’t make it but he had quite the fan club show up!

Janie and I were invited to a baby shower for one of her preschool teachers today.  It was a fun date for us and we got to see some of her former teachers.  We even won the baby food game!

And now I’m off to watch Mad Men……so excited!  Have a great week!