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Halloween Festivities

There is so much to do in the fall and we just didn’t fit it all in this year since Tim was working most weekends.  We have a pumpkin patch and corn maze right around the corner from our house that we visit most years.  Sadly, we didn’t make it there this year.



We carved pumpkins though!

We also trick or treat with neighbors.  Here are pictures of the past three years…..

2009 – Ariel and Sebastian (Nolan had an ear infection and had to stay home that year.)  And yes, that’s a lobster costume and Sebastian is a crab.  I realized that after I bought it and luckily, Nolan didn’t care.

2010 – Goldilocks and the 3 Bears (Janie ended up with strep and had to stay in that year.)

2011 – Jessie and Woody (They both got to trick or treat, finally!)

Stay tuned to see what we will be this year!

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No, Charlie Sheen has not taken over my blog 🙂  I wanted to tell you about my recent winnings from two groups that I’ve joined.

Cinemoms – This is a moms group that has contests for free movies and offers discounts on many local places for kids.  I joined this summer when one of the daily deal sites had a membership for just $15.  You can win tickets to movie premiers around Atlanta!  We won tickets to Spiderman (in 3D and IMAX), Here Comes the Boom (we won 4 tickets so that was date night with some neighbors), Secret of the Wings, and Silver Linings Playbook.  You can try Cinemoms for a month for free with this link.

Macaroni Kid – I also joined Macaroni Kid this summer (wish I had known about it sooner).  They have different groups for cities/areas all over the country.  It’s free to join and they post about activities for families and offer contests & discounts.  I just won 4 tickets to the play Huck Finn (an $80 value).  The play actually ended up being a bust for us.  Nolan lost interest after about 5 minutes, so we left at intermission.  The theater was really neat though.

I said that I would have Halloween pictures today but Janie was at a sleep over and we didn’t all get dressed before she left so I will have them on Thursday.  Have a great week!

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This week in phone pictures

Nolan got his school pictures.  I forgot it was picture day, hence the guitar t-shirt.  I think he actually looks like me in this picture!

Janie learned all 220 sight words for 1st grade!

Nolan came up from the playroom riding a Barbie bike.

Part of Janie’s homework was to write where you would go if you had a flying broom.  I love her heart!  You can read more about her sister here.

Nolan in Tim’s Halloween wig.  We are going to a Halloween party this weekend so I will have pictures of our costumes on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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Giving: Locks of Love

Giving comes in many forms and this way of giving doesn’t cost a thing!  I have donated my hair to Locks of Love a number of times (I think I’m up to 4 or 5).  Great Clips will do a Locks of Love cut for free and mail it off for you.  Honestly, it’s the only time that I get a haircut.  It takes me about 2 years to get back to their minimum of 10 inches.  By that time, I’m usually ready to chop it off myself!

Last year, right before school started, Janie got her first Locks of Love cut.  I was so proud of her!  She told me that she wants to grow it to her heels this time so she will have lots of hair to donate.

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Teaching good spending

In 5th grade, hammer pants were all the rage.  You know the ones…..neon and Velcro at the waist.  Well, I wanted them and I wanted them bad.  They were sold at a cart at the mall and the outfit, hammer pants with a matching neon shirt, was $50!  There was no way that my parents were going to get them for me.  I mean my mom still shopped at K-Mart even though I sang the song:

K-Mart, K-Mart that my store,

we shop there because we’re poor,

we shop there all day and night,

just to see the big blue light.

(for the record, we were not poor and I will gladly shop at K-Mart today.)

I babysat one of the neighbor kids that summer and had earned exactly $50 (that was a lot of babysitting hours back then).  My mom tried to talk me out of it but I really wanted those pants.  I remember my friend, Allison, got an outfit in different colors (I think her mom bought hers) and we wore them on the same day in 5th grade and we looked oh so cool or so we thought, how cool can you look in neon colors and pants that Velcro at the waist.  The next time that I wore it, I was in 6th grade and it wasn’t cool anymore……Guess? overalls, with one buckle undone, where all the rage by that point.

My parents knew what they were doing by letting me spend my own money on that outfit.  I’m sure it killed them to let me do it but since my first large purchase, I have shopped the sale racks.  I never had Z Cavariccis or Guess? jeans because I learned my lesson and well, I was broke.  If I wanted clothes from the Gap, I bought what was on clearance.  I know that my kids are going to run into things that they “must have” throughout the years.  Their must haves may be more related to technology, like i-phones or tablets, but it will happen.  And like my parents, I think I’m going to have to let them spend their hard earned money while biting my lip a time or two.  I think it’s important to show kids how hard you have to work for a dollar and how quickly it’s gone.

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I’m beat

This weekend was full of fun but little rest and I’m beat!  Janie’s friend had a birthday party on Friday night.  Then we came home and two of my girlfriends came over.  We ended up staying up entirely too late but had fun chatting the night away.  Saturday, we picked up my mother in law and went to the mall (it seems like we go there often, maybe I’m raising a mall rat).  Janie got the new American Girl catalog this week and wanted to buy a lovie for her Bitty Baby.  She used her own money to pay for it and was pretty proud.  After lunch at the mall, we headed to the Center for Puppetry Arts.  We saw Peter and the Wolf and the Frog Prince.  They were really cute and the kids enjoyed the museum and making their own frog puppets.

Then we came home, ate a quick dinner and had neighbors over to watch the GA game.  Georgia pulled off a win but it was not a great game.  My parents took the kids home with them after church today.  I ran lots of errands and finished up our Halloween costumes.  No time for a nap this weekend!

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Get a personalized mug

Ink Garden is offering my readers a personalized 11 ounce ceramic mug for $1, plus shipping (about $5.99).

You could get a monogrammed mug for a teacher:

Or a mug with pictures for grandparents:

Or this one that I really love:

They would make great Christmas gifts or a good way to let someone know that you are thinking about them!  Can’t beat $6.99 for a personalized mug!

*Disclosure – compensated affiliate link used

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  • When I placed this order with thredUP, they sent me a bag to fill and send in (they pay for shipping).  After my failed garage sale, I filled it up with about 20 items.  I ended up getting $21.90.  I could then request a Paypal payout or I could use it towards purchases.  You can still use my link to get a $10 credit that can be applied towards your purchase, including shipping.  You will also get a bag with your order and can potentially get rid of some of your old children’s clothes.  It ended up being a pretty good deal for me!
  • Nolan has stayed dry throughout the night for a week now!  We are officially a diaper-free house!   Maybe it’s time for another one 🙂
  • I’ve made beds every day since this post.  I love how this blog holds me accountable!  Maybe if I write that I don’t eat my kid’s Halloween candy, I will actually stick to that statement!


Different kids

It amazes me how two parents can raise two kids and they can be so different.  Janie was a very fussy baby.  She was colicky and would cry from about 6pm – 10pm each night.  As working parents, this was our time with her so it made things really hard.  We bought the Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems book when she was about 6 weeks old.  The EASY schedule made a huge difference.  She still had her colicky time but getting her on that schedule helped us so much.  Janie was a very good toddler.  We didn’t have many behavior issues with her.  She’s a great eater and always has been.  She loves fruits and veggies and is willing to try new things.  She even makes her sandwich with the heel of the bread (cracks me up since so many kids have you cut off the crust).

Nolan, on the other hand, was a very easy going baby.  He was always smiling and a great sleeper.  We really didn’t have any issues with him until we started to feed him real food and he wanted nothing to do with it and he still doesn’t.  He has also been a pretty difficult toddler.  He is always finding trouble.

It’s hard to figure out how to adjust your parenting for each child.  What works for one won’t necessarily work for the other.  Janie only had to “change her color” about 4 times in Kindergarten and not at all so far this school year.  I have a feeling that will be a different story when Nolan is in school.  I’m still trying to figure out what works best for him as far as behavior and rewards go. And once I figure it out, I’m sure things will change.  This parenting stuff is hard work, but oh so worth it!

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Giving and Coupons

Clipping coupons has made me a better giver.  We have a St. Vincent de Paul box at our church so I try to go through my pantry and bathroom cabinets once every month or two to see what I can donate.  I just checked my bathroom closet a couple of weeks ago and I had 10 deodorants!  I know I didn’t pay more than $1 a piece for any of them.

I have mentioned before that I use for my coupon match-ups.  I’m able pick up things that are free or really cheap to bring to church.  Here’s an example:

09-30 PG Crest Toothpaste, 4.2-4.6 oz

This is a good item to donate to charity.
$0.50 1 $1.00 FREE 100%

This week, if you clip the $.50 coupon from the Proctor & Gamble insert from September 30, you will get free Crest from Kroger.  The Crest is on sale for $1.00 and Kroger doubles coupons up to $1.00.  And this is how you too can end up with a stockpile of 10 items!