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Midweek Randoms


d6569-inthiswonderfullifemidweekrandomsHappy Wednesday!

Nolan had “dress like what you want to be when you grow up” day at school last week.  He chose to be a super hero firefighter.  Firefighters are super heroes so I guess it works.

CAM01010Janie had her first softball practice last night and she loved it!  I really hope we found her sport.

As mentioned, we did some painting this weekend.  Tim was wearing a Benjamin Moore shirt and painting with Behr paint.  Isn’t that like wearing a Nike shirt and Adidas shoes?  Such a rebel!

Summer 2013 036I just started using Ibotta in the last month and have already earned over $20 on grocery purchases.  It’s really easy to use, just choose the offers you like, purchase the products, take a picture of your receipt and scan the product bar code.  If you use my link, you get $10 if you redeem 5 offers in the first two weeks.  Some stores have special offers.  I knew that I needed one more offer from Target to get a bonus.  I brought a breakfast burrito on sale for $1, got $.50 back on my purchase and got a $2 bonus.  So I they paid me $1.50 to buy a burrito!

I can’t get enough of this boy in his PreK uniform.  How cute are those plaid shorts!




2 thoughts on “Midweek Randoms

  1. What? I’ve never heard of this Ibotta thing…must investigate!

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