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Costa Rica

Sorry to disappear on you for a week but I had good reason!  Tim and I were celebrating our anniversary in Costa Rica.  It was everything that I dreamed it would be!  Although I must say that my hair and Costa Rica did not get along, as evident in the picture below.

Costa Rica 011This was by far the most luxurious vacation that we have ever taken.  I mean look at this view of the Pacific Ocean from our villa…..

Costa Rica 057 And breakfast delivered to our room every morning (excuse the fact that we dug in before I snapped a picture)….

breakfastAnd the pool……

Costa Rica 008We booked our trip through Luxury Link and got an amazing deal!  It’s kind of a cross between Ebay and Groupon for luxurious vacations.  It was our first time using it and I’m super impressed.  If you’re planning a trip, go check them out.  If you use my link, you get $50 off of your first booking.

I will have lots more on our trip this week!

* disclosure – affiliated link used

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Sorry to disappoint

Tim and I are celebrating 10 years of mostly wedded bliss this week.  I purchased The Newlyweds’ Predictionary that we each filled out, along with a few friends.  Our predictions for our lives and marriage were pretty spot on.  We both predicted that we would have two kids and we got their birth years pretty close.  Tim even wrote down Janie (he spelled it Janey) for our daughter.  Pretty funny because I though I picked her name???  It was evident how much relationships with family members and friends have changed through the years (most for the better).

Then we got the questionnaires that our friends and family filled out.  And this is where I disappoint……..

CAM00888Six of the eight questionnaires said that I or both would have earned a fortune….not so much!  Of course these were filled out in 2003 so maybe I can blame the economy.  And this one with four kids, wow!  Also, most people said that I would be driving a minivan.  I can say that I do not own a minivan, although I am a little jealous of a button that open and closes the door.  These were really fun to read.  I have a few left, maybe we will fill them out to open in another 10 years!


Pirate Party

We had Nolan’s 4th birthday party this weekend.  We went with the pirate theme.  This was his first party with classmates so that was exciting, though a number of them were out of town (darn summer birthday).

The goodie bags were Target Dollar Spot cups with other Dollar Spot items – glow bracelet, tattoo, mustache, pencil and Mardi Gras beads.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 002The party was at 2pm so we served snacks.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 004I got the pirate costumes after Halloween last year for around $3 a piece.  I planned on them wearing them for this coming Halloween but Nolan’s was a little snug already.  I don’t know if it will make it to October.  Glad he got to wear it for the party!

Nolan's 4th birthday party 009 Nolan's 4th birthday party 012We played explode the cannon ball.  The kids tried to pop each other’s balloons.  The last one standing got to pick a prize from our treasure chest.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 018I tried a little experiment, I put fake coins, lots of Mardi Gras beads and a couple of $1 bills in the chest.  I was thinking that the kids would go for the colorful stuff but both winners chose the $1 bill.  I guess kids do see green!

Nolan's 4th birthday party 024Pin your pirate ship on the map.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 033 Nolan's 4th birthday party 034The birthday gang.  I told them to say ARRRRRR, hence Nolan’s facial expression.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 048The pirate ship cake that was made by my best friend’s mom, she’s amazing!

Nolan's 4th birthday party 054A little mustache fun.

Nolan's 4th birthday party 059s Nolan's 4th birthday party 062 Nolan's 4th birthday party 076 Nolan's 4th birthday party 083The birthday boy had a great time and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, always a sign of a great party!

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I cannot believe that my baby is turning four!  Four is just so old, years away from baby and no longer a toddler.

nolan 035 Smiles 009 Now you see why we keep his hair short…’s crazy!

CAM00873Even though PreK doesn’t start until August, he insisted on wearing PreK clothes to school today because that’s what 4 year olds wear.


Midweek Randoms

I tried CrossFit this weekend…….ouch!  It was a great workout but I have been in pain since.  Luckily, I can straighten my arms today.
We went out with some friends on Saturday night after the kids went to bed.  It’s pretty cool to have friends with kids that can babysit!

Nolan caught his first fish this weekend!  He gave Tim a heart attack when he almost fell off the dock.  Luckily, the rope caught him!
CAM00333He also got his first bee sting.  He picked up a piece of wood that had a carpenter bee in it.  He seemed to recover very quickly.  He said, “a treat will make me feel better!”

Janie is loving Vacation Bible School this week.  She put on a show to all of her songs for us last night!

CAM00847We are getting ready for Nolan’s pirate (I just noticed that it said private, ha) birthday party this weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek at the food labels that I made.  He is super excited!

CAM00849If you could take a moment to vote for Nolan’s picture, that would be great!  It’s a Father’s Day contest through Cycle Gear.  I would love for Tim to win some gear for his bike!

It’s Huuuuump Daaaaaay!  Have you seen that commercial?  It’s Tim’s new favorite!