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We have a little wall with siding next to our front door, under the porch.  I had a welcome sign there but the wind kept blowing it down and it fell apart.  We were left with just a nail.  I’ve been looking for something to hang with no luck.  I keep seeing all of these chalkboards everywhere so I decided that I wanted to paint a chalkboard.  I told Tim my idea and he said that he could just frame a piece of wood and we could paint it.

I had him take pictures along the way so here they are:

And here is the finished product.  Total cost was $0!  Tim collected scrap wood from job sites, we mixed paint that we currently have and used left over chalkboard paint that a neighbor had.  They painted a wall in their kitchen so I asked if I could buy their left over paint.  She said that we could have it!  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

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Family mobile

Nolan’s school had a family mobile contest this week.  We had fun making our family mobile.

We have a family picture on each side.

I glued two Uga plates together to represent our love for the Dawgs.  We have a picture of Nolan holding a football.  A replica of Tim’s old bike.  A picture of Janie in her Georgia gear.

A fishing bobber.  Tim said that we needed more girly stuff on there, funny coming out of his mouth.  So I cut out some pictures from Janie’s American Girl catalog.

I don’t know what the prize is but I hope we win!


Breakfast ideas

My Zumba class was cancelled last night and dinner was already in the crock pot so I decided to use this time to prepare some breakfast options for the week.

The eggs that I made last week were a huge hit.  We didn’t have any English muffins last week so I picked some up this weekend and put another batch of eggs in the oven tonight.  I will probably eat some for lunches as well.

Next up was Overnight Oats in a Jar.  I tried this a few weeks ago and I really liked it.  Nolan wanted some so I offered him a bite but he wanted his own (the joys of 3 year olds).  So I made three for breakfast in the morning.  I followed the recipe other than using honey as my sweetener.  I also didn’t add nuts or anything.

I made an Aldi trip this weekend and because their milk is so cheap, I picked up the maximum number of 4 milks.  It turns out, we already had 2 unopened milks in the fridge.  We go through lots of milk but that’s a little much.  So I decided to make Greek yogurt.  I did this one other time and it turned out pretty good.  It isn’t very sweet but if you use her mix-ins, it’s fabulous!  My yogurt came out of the oven this morning!

One other breakfast idea that I tried lately are steel cut oats in the crock pot overnight.  I did 2 cups of oats, 8 cups of water, some brown sugar and cooked it on low overnight.  We used honey to sweeten each bowl but it wasn’t sweet enough for Janie.  Nolan ate two bowls the first morning but we had lots of leftovers and he was not really into it the next day.  I’ve seen lots of recipes with apples, cranberries and raisins so I may give them a shot.

Please don’t let me fool you with these ideas, my kids eat cereal for breakfast most mornings.  It’s just nice to change it up every once in awhile!

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Weekend Wrap-up

We had a great weekend!  Friday night, we ordered the movie Chimpanzee.  Janie really wanted to see it.  Nolan actually watched it……when he wasn’t walking around the couch like a chimp.  It was a really cute movie and just over an hour, the perfect length for family movie night!  During the movie Nolan asked, “Why do they have 2 boogers?”  I finally figured out that he was asking why they have 2 nostrils.  I guess we tell him not in pick his boogers so to him, the wholes are called a boogers.  Pretty funny!

On Saturday, Tim had a massage scheduled so we dropped him off and the kids and I went to the mall.  Janie was all ready for the American Girl store.  We didn’t get anything but she loves to browse.

We were going to my best friend’s birthday party that night so we dropped the kids off at my in-laws after lunch.  After a busy week, it was nice for Tim and I to have a night out.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  Janie had a play date with a classmate after church so Nolan and I were able to take a nap.  I love a good nap!  When we woke up, Nolan said he wanted a play date with me!  I hope he stays this sweet forever!


I know what we did this summer

It’s Fun Friday and the topic is fun summer outings.  We were able to do some fun stuff this summer.

We took a short trip to Tybee Island and Savannah.  Janie loves the beach and Nolan just loves the sand.  Although, he did finally venture into the water at the end of the day. Savannah is such a beautiful, historic city.  I love this picture of my monkeys in an old cemetery.

We also made a day trip to the Children’s Museum in Atlanta.  My kids love that place and could stay busy for hours!

After the museum, we ran through the Centennial Olympic Park Fountains.  It was so crowded but the kids loved it!  Tim was smart and decided that we would each take a kid and keep our eye on them the entire time.  Good thing we only have two kids because I’m pretty sure a third child would have been lost!

We also spent a day at Six Flags.  More pictures can be seen here.  Janie and Tim rode the Cyclone first since it was at the front and there was no line.  Bad idea!  Janie came off in tears and didn’t want to ride much after that.  I felt so bad for her!  She was happier once we reached the children’s area and met up with her friends.

That was our summer 2012.  I’m ready for fall y’all 🙂


Completed Pins

Another blogger wrote about making a “completed pins” board on Pinterest.  I loved this idea!  I need to see progress otherwise I get overwhelmed.  Here are a few of my completed pins:

Jessie Hat Cookies.  These were pretty easy to make and then we put them in little baggies as party favors.

Traffic Light Rice Krispie Treats.  These were very easy.  The M&Ms just stuck to the chocolate so no need for icing.

Party pom poms.  I’ve made them for every birthday party.  We actually have red ones hanging in the basement now – ready for some GA football!

Banana dog.  Sometimes, this is what’s for dinner.  Nolan will actually eat this dinner!

Pony-O.  I just used a hot glue gun for these.  I made the blue ones for all of the girls on Janie’s soccer team last year.  I’m sure you can guess what the red one is for 🙂

Breakfast sandwich eggs.  These just came out of the oven.  I will let you know what I think.

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Kids clothes

I’m back!  I got a new laptop so I am back in action.

I wanted to talk about kids clothes today.  We have been blessed with lots of hand me downs so we don’t have to purchase too much for our kids.  My niece passes her clothes to Janie and then we pass them back for my other niece.  We have a neighbor and Godson that have passed lots of stuff to Nolan.  Huge blessing!  There are times that I want to get them some new stuff.  I love the 20% coupons for Gymboree and Crazy 8 that you get from the Parents and Family Fun magazines.  These are good for your entire purchase, even sales items.  Sometimes you can find them in the magazines at the library, as long as someone else hasn’t gotten there first!

Something new that I just tried is thredUp.  It’s an online consignment shop.  They are offering a $10 credit right now if you use my link.  You can also get 20% off with promo code August20.  The $10 credit can be applied towards shipping!  I was able to get Nolan the shirt below for $.15.  To get your $10 credit, visit thredUp.  I figured that it’s worth a shot!

*disclosure – refferal links used


Weekend update

This post is all over the place. I still don’t have a computer but have one ordered.  I should be back to regular posting next week.

Welcome to any new readers from Lucy’s! So thankful that things are looking up for them.
UPDATE – Lucy is back in the hospital. Please keep them in you prayers!

We’ve been busy this weekend!  We went to breakfast yesterday, then to a farmers market and a  birthday party at a swimming pool that went into the night. 



Update – I’ve been making beds everyday for 2 weeks now!  I think it’s gonna stick 🙂

Janie started a story the other day, “When I was in the bathroom
talking to myself and Jesus……”  I guess He doesn’t care where we talk to Him, just as long as we do!

We had a sales tax free weekend in GA.  I didn’t make it out yesterday so I was planning to go out today.  Come to find out it was just Friday and Saturday!  I don’t think they should be able to call it a tax free weekend then… bummed!

It was actually cool outside this morning!  Fall is around the corner!

An update in pictures



Halloween stuff is out already.  I’m ready for some fall weather and football season!


Nolan and I made banana bread.


Nolan started preschool and got a new backpack to go with his new class.  I made the mistake of calling it a bag – it’s not a bag, it’s a backpack.  Get it right, Mom!


Janie started hip hop class this week.  She loved it!

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