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Five months

P1060745This boy is 5 months old!

Stats:  We were at the doctor for Janie on Friday so I asked if we could weigh Asa.  He was 13lbs, 10oz with clothes on.  He feels like a chunk to me but I guess not.  He has lost his chicken legs but we can’t call him thunder thighs just yet.

Likes:  He likes his putting things in his mouth, especially his fingers.  He starting to play with toys now and loves when people talk to him.

Dislikes:  He still startles very easily so he is not a fan of loud noises and people.  He is not much into the pacifier anymore.  He really only takes it when he’s tired.

Eating:  Nursing every 3 hours during the day and most nights.  The Baby Whisperer says to move to a 4 hour schedule at 4 months but I didn’t since he doesn’t sleep through the night.  I don’t know if moving to a 4 hour schedule would get him used to lasting longer.  I don’t even know if he would make it that long.  I’m open to advice or suggestions.

Sleeping:  Asa does great with going to sleep, its staying asleep at night that’s the problem.  He’s been waking every 2 – 3 hours all night.  I try not to nurse him every time but sometimes I have to because he is so mad.  He is a good napper and takes three one – two hour naps a day.

Milestones: He is very close to sitting up.  He rolls to him tummy for sleeping most nights (I think this may be one of the sleep issues because he can’t roll back over).  I think he may also be teething.  He drools non stop and chews on his fingers (this too could be a contributing factor to the sleep issues).

Overall, Asa is a very happy baby!  He loves to laugh and is pretty easy going most of the time.