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Where do babies come from?

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I didn’t expect to get this question from Nolan for a long time!  But yesterday out of the blue this was our conversation:

Nolan: “Mommy, how did I get out of your belly?”

Me: “Well, I went to the hospital and the doctor got you out.”

Nolan: “But how?”

Me: Red-faced and panic-stricken.

Janie: “Nolan, they opened up Mommy’s back and took you out.”

And then he saw a tent on the side of the road and the subject was changed.  I’m so thankful to Janie for having all the answers.  I think I will direct questions to her from now on!


One thought on “Where do babies come from?

  1. Hahaha definitely a time when a c-section could have come in handy!!! Yikes!

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