Life with the Bs

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Target Savings

I made a quick run to Target today on my lunch break.  I’m a couponer but not an extreme couponer.  Meaning I just get one newspaper (no dumpster diving for me :)).  I like to save money but being a working mom, I don’t have a ton of time to spend on it.  I got my coupons together the night before based on the match ups that I found on  And here is my outcome:

The total was over $20 before coupons.  After coupons it was $10.46 and I received a $5 Target gift card for purchasing 5 Kelloggs items.  Therefore, the total cost for all of the above was $5.46!

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Making Beds

I have a confession…..I don’t make my bed everyday.  In fact, I rarely make my bed.  Last week I washed sheets and Janie was helping me put them on my bed in the evening.  Janie asked, “Is someone coming over to see your room?”  My daughter thinks the only time that you make your bed is when someone is coming over!

I was talking to a friend this weekend and she said that she does not leave her bedroom and bathroom until they look the way they are supposed to look.  Such a great idea!  As of today, I’m going to try that.  All 3 beds are made and my bathroom is tidy, what a great feeling!



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Typos and Back to School

I am the queen of typos!  I just want to give you fair warning that you are going to see a number of them in my posts.  I proofread but always end up reading what I want to say, not what I actually type.  I once sent an e-mail to our entire database at work about our “pubic training classes”.  I meant to say “public training classes”.  Oops!  At least I got a few laughs.  I’ve made a number of photo books and it never fails, there is always a typo somewhere.  In Nolan’s book that I made when he was born, I put “love at first site.”

We had a good weekend!  Got to hang with friends, watched the Olympics some and did some back to school shopping.  I can’t believe that school starts this week!  Here are Janie’s first and last day pictures from the past two years.  I think we need to stop time now!!!



Today, Show Us Your Life is about ways that you display pictures.  I love pictures!  We have pictures all over our house.  I’m not a great photographer but I love taking pictures.  I bought a nice camera but unfortunately, the good camera does not make you a good photographer (wish it did).  Therefore, we hire a photographer at least once a year to get pictures done.  For our latest family picture, I wanted one of those chunky frames.  Chunky frames come with a hefty price tag!  Thankfully, I have a pretty handy husband so I showed him what I like and asked if he could make it.  He made this frame for $13!

We have a collage framed of each child’s newborn pictures.  Both are hanging in our living room.

Janie’s pictures

Nolan’s pictures

I kind of started a gallery wall but it’s hard to add to it.  I don’t know where to add.  I think it’s best to have all of your pictures before you start a gallery wall instead of adding as you go.  If you have any advice, please let me know!


I’m a hoarder

My house is pretty clean and de-cluttered.  TLC won’t be coming over, well maybe for What Not to Wear (Stacy and Clinton would die if they saw what I look like dropping Nolan of at school) but that’s another story.  I’m a fairly organized person.  My problem?  COUPONS.

If they are’t expired, I can’t throw them out! We don’t eat at Stevi B’s……but what if we do?  This mayo coupon expires next week and we have some in the fridge and pantry…….but what if there is a great mayo sale and I miss out on some cheap or free mayo because tossed my coupon?  I grab coupons wherever I see them…..booklets from restaurants, the doctors office, the grocery store.  And the mail, auto shops that I have never heard of, airport parking (I haven’t flown anywhere in years), and Bed, Bath & Beyond cards……what if I need one of these?

My coupon binder

The problem with my hoarding is that I have so many coupons…..on the kitchen counter, in the car, in my binder and in my purse…..that I can’t find what I need.  I think I need an intervention!


Busy, busy weekend

We had a very busy weekend!  Tim and I took Friday off to take the kids to Six Flags so Janie could use the free ticket that she got for reading this past school year.  We met some friends there, it was lots of fun!

As soon as we left Six Flags, we quickly changed clothes and went to the rehearsal and dinner for Tim’s grandpa’s wedding.  He and his bride to be were both widowed.  They lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same church and found love.  Such a sweet story and a reminder that you can find love at any age!  The rehearsal dinner was a blast!

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we got to meet this sweet boy….

Jacob is just a couple of weeks old and belongs to Tim’s cousin and his wife.  They came up from South Georgia for the wedding.  We were so excited to meet him, and see his parents too, of course!  Janie could have held him all weekend and practically did!

The wedding was in the afternoon so after making sure Nolan got a nap, we headed to the church.  At the rehearsal, he sprinted down the aisle and refused to hold the flower girl’s hand.  We talked to him about it and he said that he would walk and hold her hand.  I was nervous because he was carrying a pillow with the real rings and had to bring it to the priest during the ceremony.  This meant staying in the front row during mass!  Nolan typically has to leave church at least once during mass each week so I was hoping that we would be able to keep him in the church for his very important role.  Thankfully, he did a great job!  He walked down the aisle and brought the rings up.  At the end, he was supposed to hold the flower girl’s hand and walk back up the aisle.  He again refused to hold her and again, sprinted up the aisle.  Oh well, the important parts were covered so I was happy.  Are you ready for some cuteness????

The wedding and reception were lots of fun!  We felt so blessed to be a part of it.  We were sad to see our family leave today but so happy that we got to spend time together.



We moved into this house 5 years ago. One of the options when we purchased the house was a kitchen backsplash.  I don’t recall how much it was exactly but I remember thinking that we could do it for much cheaper than that.  So a kitchen backsplash was added to the list of house projects.

Before Pictures

Five years later, we finally got around to it!  I knew that we didn’t have plans this weekend so it was the perfect time to do it.  So Friday night, were running around trying to find the tiles I wanted.  I really liked the different shades of slate.  However, all of the ones that I “pinned” were smaller tiles than what we were finding in the store.  We found 6×6 multicolored slate tiles so we went with those.  It wasn’t what I had in my head but I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

The final cost for this project was $140!  I’m so glad we decided to do it on our own, even if it took 5 years 🙂