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Birth Story

Hello!  I’ve been trying to find time to blog but it’s pretty difficult when I’m a 24/7 milk machine.  Asa Robert was born on November 3rd.  His birth story is not the one I had planned!  In mid October, he went from head down to breech.  Because I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, I had to deliver at 37 weeks.  I was given induction orders for Monday, November 2nd in hope that he would turn on his own.  My doctor told me to come in for an ultrasound on Monday afternoon, if he was head down, I would go straight to the hospital for the induction.  If not, they would take all of the needed measurements and I would have a external cephalic version on Wednesday or Thursday to try to turn him so I could have a vaginal delivery.  Asa was measuring big this entire pregnancy (which is funny because my other 2 were 6lb babies) but that Monday, they told me that his head was off the charts big.  The doctor was worried that even if the version was successful, I would have trouble delivering him because of the size of his head and end up with a c-section anyway.  Her advice was to go ahead with the c-section.  Having a c-section has been one of my biggest fears.  I could not imagine laying there and knowing that I’m being cut open.  I was also really worried about the recovery time.  We had been praying and praying that he would turn and I thought maybe this was the reason that God had made him breech and was not answering my prayers, I wouldn’t be able to deliver him anyway.  I was hoping that they would say go straight to the hospital for your c-section because I really didn’t want time to think about it.  However, since it wasn’t an emergency, they scheduled it for the next day.  I was scared but I also felt a sense of peace about it because the decision was out of my hands.  I had also heard horror stories about versions so I was relieved that I wouldn’t be experiencing one.

Asa Robert 045

Asa Robert 050

Asa weighed 7lb, 13oz and was 19 inches.  His head didn’t look all that big to us but they said at 14 inches, it is on the big side.  We also had to stretch the neck of his going home outfit to get it over his head!  He’s had some trouble gaining weight because my milk was late to come in so we have been nursing, pumping, and supplementing every two hours (again, I’m a milk machine).  We go for a weight check today and I’m hopeful that he has gained!  My recovery has definitely been harder than my vaginal deliveries but I’m feeling pretty good now.  Steps and getting in and out of bed were difficult but I’m getting around better each day.  Asa Robert 073

Asa shocked us with dark hair and olive skin.  We will see what his skin tone is once all of the jaundice is out of his system.  We are all so in love with this little guy and getting used to being a family of 5!

Asa Robert 059Asa