Life with the Bs

Fall weekend

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I’d like to say that we had a nice fall weekend filled with fall things like the pumpkin patch (my Facebook feed tells me that was the thing to do this weekend), apple picking (another thing to do this weekend according to FB), and college football but that would be a lie.  We’re running out of weekends so I need to make these things happen!

Here’s what really went on this weekend….I went to boot camp for the first time since August and can barely walk!  We did a little shopping and had a baseball and softball game.  Nolan’s game was a close one but they pulled off a win.  He was telling me that he wanted to play basketball.  Which is kind of funny since he’s pretty short but we were planning on signing him up.  The deadline is approaching and he decided against it.  There’s always next year if he wants to give it a try.  Janie plans to retire after this softball season.  She still hasn’t hit the ball, even with the new glasses.  I think we might go back to dance.  Tim’s pushing martial arts.  We’ll see what she decides but something that doesn’t have a season sounds good to me!

And here’s the only picture that I took all weekend.



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