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More tubes

Nolan got another set of tubes (installed?) and his adenoids taken out yesterday.  The kids are on fall break this week so it was the perfect time to do it without missing any additional school.  Although, seeing pictures of everyone else at the beach and Orlando has been kind of a bummer!  Not that we had any plans for a trip anyway.

We had to be at the surgery center at 7:15am.  It’s in Atlanta and you know about Atlanta traffic.  I was putting a bag together of snacks and things to do while we wait.  I grabbed that and hopped in the car.  We were about half way there and sitting in crazy traffic when Nolan asked for a tissue and I realized that I left my purse at home!  But hey, we had snacks and reading material.


They can’t risk Tim losing any hair in the OR, since that’s obviously a problem for him!  The surgery went well.  The doctor said that Nolan’s left ear was heading for an infection so we had great timing.


He looks pitiful in this picture but he’s been typical Nolan at home.  Two popsicles, a smoothie, and an Italian ice seem to work wonders.  Now the hard part, trying to get him to take it easy for the next few days!

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Weekend Wrap Up

We dropped our Safe Families children off on Friday.  It was wonderful to see how happy they were to see their mom.  Janie was crying because she didn’t want to see them go.  Their mom was very grateful and excited about all the clothes that we had donated for them.  It’s been quiet around here this weekend!  I have a whole new perspective and I have to say that life with two kids really isn’t all that hard.

We were excited to watch the Dawgs with good food and friends.  A win would have been nice too but sadly that didn’t happen.


Nolan ended up with a fever and I’m not feeling so hot (I think my voice is about to go).  So the rest of the weekend was spent in pajamas.  Nolan took over a 4 hour nap.  I just hope he’s well enough for his surgery (tubes and adenoids) this week!

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I really feel like I’m out of blog content so I’m borrowing from Erika…..

Currently listening to…..Tim brush his teeth.

Currently eating…..nothing but considering a bowl of cereal or protein shake for breakfast.  My boot camp did a biggest loser last session and I won but since then, I haven’t been logging or really watching what I eat.  I need to get back into that habit.

Currently drinking…..nothing but I will grab a water and coffee soon.

Currently wearing……an old maternity tank top (yes, it’s been over 5 years since I’ve been pregnant but I love these because they have the built in bra and aren’t fitted so I held on to them) and pajama pants.  The perks of working from home.  No fear, I will get dressed today!

Currently feeling…..tired.  Both kids had games last night so we ran around all evening and had a late dinner and late to bed.  Hence the need for coffee!

Current weather….it’s still dark but I think it’s going to be a hot one.  I’m ready for the fall weather but I wish it would stay lighter longer.  I tried to walk with my friend the other night after the kids were in bed but it’s already getting dark around 8pm!

Currently needing…..I just got an email about the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Haven’t had one yet!

Currently thinking…..about what I’m going to make for dinner because my mother and father in law are coming over for her birthday dinner tonight so I need something that will feed 8.

Currently enjoying….Janie being a on team that might win some games this season.  They tied their first game last night but played really well.  I hope this means there are some wins in her future!





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Final week

This is our final week with our Safe Families children.  It’s really bitter sweet.  We’re excited that they will to be reunited with their family but we will miss them.  Nolan is going to miss his live in playmates.  He’s always asking for play dates and he just had one for 5 weeks!  Janie took the picture below and we’re going to turn it in for the PTA Reflections program.  The theme was, the world would be a better place if……

Sept 001

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Iced Coffee

I didn’t become a regular coffee drinker until we received a Keurig for Christmas.  Now I drink one cup a day but it’s been too hot for coffee lately.  I tried making iced coffee and I love it.  However, it makes a nice little treat so there have been a few days that I’ve had more than my one cup.

Sept 007

I fill my reusable K-Cup Filter a little higher than usual.  Then I add less water so I have stronger coffee.  Once it’s brewed, I add two packets of Stevia and two tubs of French Vanilla Creamer (I know that one would be better but two is just so good).  Then I pour it over ice and enjoy!

Sept 009

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A house full

I had a house full of kids this weekend.  Tim was out of town so my mom came over to assist, thank God for Nana!  Since my sister is dealing with a kidney infection, my nieces came too.  That’s six kids!  There were tears from every child at one point during the weekend.

I signed my kids and I up for a 5K (I didn’t know that the Safe Families children would be with us when I registered).  I expected lots of complain from Janie but she surprised me and was actually the one that tried to keep Nolan going.  Mr. Energy lost steam about 20 feet into the race.  He said that he never wants to do a 5K again, although he did enjoy the snacks at the end.  My mom and I took all 6 kids to IHOP after the race.  Nothing like a little bribery to get them to the end!  When’s the next holiday weekend?  I’m ready for it!

CAM01744 CAM01746


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I’m a minimalist when it comes to hair.  I’ve never colored my hair (although I hear that red heads turn white so I know my day is coming) and I get it cut once every couple of years for free when I donate to Locks of Love.


This week, I got to experience a black hair salon with one of our Safe Families children.  She had braids that were looking pretty rough so I made an appointment for after work on a week night.  Little did I know that we would be there all evening!  We left the house at 4:30 and returned at 8:30.  On the way she kept telling me that she was hungry, I was thinking that we would make it home in time for dinner.  She obviously knew something that I did not!  I also learned that taking braids out takes as long or longer than putting them in.  Four hours and $45 later, her hair looks great!  Luckily, the braids are low maintenance and will take her through the rest of her time with us.


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