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Our newest Godchild

My niece, Avery, was Baptized on Saturday.  Tim and I have the honor of being her Godparents.  Catholics are generally Baptized as babies to wash away original sin (the sin of Adam and Eve) but it was pretty cool to see Avery choose to be Baptized and be so excited about it!

Avery Baptism 035She was able to wear the dress that my sister wore for her First Communion.  She will be in my religious education class this year to start preparing for her First Communion next year.  I’m really excited for her and even more excited that I get to share in her journey!

Avery Baptism

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Date Night


We had four tickets to the premier of Planes Fire and Rescue last night but Janie’s sick so it ended up being a date night for Nolan and I.  It’s always nice to get some one on one time with my kids so I was excited!  Although, I will admit that he’s not the greatest movie date.  I think he stepped on my toes 10 times with his sneakers, he moved from seat to my lap and back to his seat throughout the movie, and we made 3 trips to the bathroom.  The movie was very good and Nolan won a prize pack for knowing it was a sequel to Cars.


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Busy Summer

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’m still around.  We’ve had a busy summer with friends in town, camps, ear infections that won’t go away, and a crazy workout routine for me.  I know that the fall will be busy with baseball and softball for the kids so I’m getting in shape now so I’ll be able to keep up!  I’m doing boot camp twice a week, running 2 – 3 evenings per week, and Zumba once a week.  A friend and I actually bought a Groupon for Barre classes.  I’m excited to give them a try (I think we will replace the running with them, not adding them to that crazy schedule).

We might be busy but we’re still taking time to enjoy these last weeks of summer!


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I’m no Forrest Gump

My running partner and I were up to week 6, day 3 on Couch to 5K.  That 22 minute run about killed us!  The first 11 minutes were good but that last half was awful.  I don’t know if it was the heat (we go out between 7 – 8pm so we’re not dealing with the sun) or what I had eaten that day but it was no fun and made me wonder why I’m even running anyway.  Luckily, my friend was there to keep me going so we finished.  We both knew the next run was a 25 minute run.  The next time we met, we decided to go back a few weeks.  We went back to week 5 and did three 5 minute runs.  I don’t know what our plan will be from here.  Running has gotten easier and my breathing is better.  Our pace is pretty sad but hey, we’re running.  I like to finish things that I start so I’m tempted to just finish and get the to 5K but I don’t know if I can.  Should I run the other way?!

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Parades and cookouts

I’m sure we were not alone in celebrating the 4th with parades and cookouts…’s the American way!  Nolan wanted to ride his bike in the parade this year.  I should have worn my running shoes to keep up with him!

July 2014 005

Not my most creative decorating.  I did manage to recycle a Lalaloopsy wig.  Someone yelled out that he won the best helmet award.  Sadly, there was not a best helmet award.

July 2014 034

Janie won a jar of gumballs for guessing how many there were in the jar.  She guessed 79 and there were 77.  Luckily, they weren’t playing the Price is Right way.

I witnessed my first frozen shirt contest.  Everyone that wants to participate gets a frozen shirt and has to unfold it and put it on.  Neither of my kids wanted to participate but Nolan decided he wanted a frozen shirt after some of his friends were wearing them.  He got pizza on it so I washed it and he didn’t understand why it wasn’t frozen anymore.  Nolan’s frozen dress…..

July 2014 027

Overall, we had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful!  I guess it takes a hurricane to suck all the humidity out of Georgia.

July 2014 025


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Patio Clearance at Target

We scored some good deals on patio furniture at Target, just in time for the completion of our covered deck!

Love seatWe found this love seat at one of our local stores on clearance (even though says they are not carried in the stores).  It was the floor model and has a scratch on one of the legs so we got 15% off the clearance price.  I got 10% off with the Cartwheel App and 5% off for using my Red card.  The retail price was $319 and we paid $172.

Deck 013

I got 10% off the pillow with the Cartwheel App.  However, the Target closest to us still has a number pillows so I may keep an eye on this one to see if the price goes down.  I found the garden stool on Sunday, once the 10% off coupon had expired.  However, it was 50% off of $69.99.  It was also the last one so I grabbed it!

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Weekend Wrap Up

Where does the weekend go???  Tim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend.  We had a date night at Chops.  One of our friends (he was actually one of our groomsmen) works there and he gave us the royal treatment.  Maybe they treat every patron like that but I like to think we have the hook up.  To say he fed us well is an understatement, we woke up on Sunday morning and were still stuffed.


The kids were invited to a water slide birthday party on Sunday.  Such a fun party!

water slide

Then the same friend from Chops came over and made us dinner…..homemade french fries, Caesar salad, and steak sandwiches. Yum!!!  I can safely say that I ate my calories for the entire week over the weekend.  Rabbit food for the rest of the week.


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