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Prayer Blankets

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I’ve mentioned before that our church has a ministry that makes prayer blankets.  I’ve given out a number of blankets and they are such a blessing to the recipients.  The priest blesses them and we all pray over the blankets while making them.  Then we continue to pray for the people that receive a blanket so they are truly covered in prayer.

Since Janie received a sewing machine for Christmas, I thought it would be cool to bring her to the Sew-a-thon so she could see what it was all about.  The ladies were so welcoming!  One lady told her to sit down at her machine and she let Janie sew one.  Janie decided that was the blanket that she wanted to give to my dad for his upcoming rotor cuff surgery.  She followed it through the whole process and we delivered it to my dad that evening.

CAM02018 CAM02020

His surgery went well and he’s recovering with his prayer blanket on his lap!  They told Janie that she is welcome to bring her own machine next time.  We have to train her early since I don’t have much to offer at the Sew-a-thon.  I lack in both sewing and ironing skills!


One thought on “Prayer Blankets

  1. This is so neat!! We were given a prayer blanket (of the crocheted/knitted variety) after losing Ellison…it was so special to me, I still love wrapping up in it!

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