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Christmas Wrap Up


Was Christmas really last week?  I’m still in vacation mode and it’s a good thing since I’m back on it for 2 days tomorrow.  Vacation mode takes practice!  We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family, friends, and food.

I hosted my Christmas cookie exchange again this year and sadly, didn’t take one picture!  We had a great turnout with lots of new faces.  And I made too much chicken salad again so we ate it for days.  I make it once a year and then eat it for a week and don’t want it again for another year!

We hosted Tim’s extended family the eve of Christmas eve.  We exchange silly gifts wrapped in newspaper.  Some of them have been passed around for decades.  This year, we happened to create Santa and his reindeer.  The younger kids thought this was awesome and wanted to prance around the room.  The older cousins, not so much!

Dec 2014 003

Janie sang with the Angel Choir for the pageant and Christmas Eve Mass.  My nieces were angels in the pageant.  We tried to talk Nolan into being an animal but he wasn’t interested.

Dec 2014 001

Christmas morning was spent at home with just the 4 of us.  Janie got a sewing machine.  Thanks to YouTube, we are sewing professionals.  I can really see getting into this!

Dec 2014 034

The boy that doesn’t play with toys got a sound activated plasma ball.  Yes, those are veins popping out in his neck!  What was Santa thinking?

Dec 2014 043

We spent the rest of Christmas day with my family for more food and fun.  We had free tickets to the Georgia Aquarium so we used those on Friday.  It was packed but still a good time!

Dec 2014 059

We celebrated with Tim’s family on Sunday.  We had a great week of festivities in honor of the birth of our Savior!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wrap Up

  1. I love that Janie wanted a sewing machine!! How fun! And those veins on Nolan’s neck..yikes!! Is he the Hulk or something?? 😉

    • Yes, he thinks he’s the hulk but he also has to yell vein popping loud to make his plasma ball do cool things. For once, no noisy toys for Christmas. Just things that encourage our children to be loud!

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 2:13 PM, lifewiththebs wrote:


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