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We finally completed our deck this weekend.  Well, the top of the deck, the under deck still needs some work.  We started this project back in June.  Then it was hot, we got 2 extra kids, and baseball and softball took over our weekends.  But we finally finished!

The before shot

Deck 001We have full sun on the back of our house all day.  So the sun had done a number on the decking and we wanted to cover it so we could actually enjoy the space.

Oct 001

Oct 006 Oct 008 Oct 011We hired someone for the roof (Tim doesn’t do heights).  Then we replaced the deck boards that needed to be replaced and painted all the deck boards with Restore.  It’s so thick, it was like spreading peanut butter.  It really looks great!  Then Tim build a pallet coffee table.  I wanted a pop of color out there so we picked Behr’s Tropical Tide.  Nolan dropped the first quart of paint in the kitchen so my hardwoods and kitchen wall were also Tropical Tide.  Cleaning that up didn’t seem like much of a tropical vacation but it all came up excluding a few spots on the wall.  I needed to tie the green, navy, and turquoise together so I got some fabric paint and added the circles to the pillow.  I really love how it all came together!

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  1. LOVE it!!! That pallet table is awesome!! Was it hard? And he DROPPED THE PAINT ON THE FLOOR!!!! Oh my gosh. I feel stressed just imagining that- so glad you were able to get it up!! Can’t wait to come over and join you for wine on the porch!! 😉

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