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Midweek Randoms

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Happy Wednesday!  This week is going by quickly.

  • Janie was home sick yesterday so I introduced her to The Price is Right.  I remember watching it when I stayed home from school.  She said she liked it but it’s just not the same without Bob Barker.

  • I really like Gwen and Pharrell on The Voice this season!  I think this is my favorite team yet.

  • We got a sneak peek of our photo session and I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  I can’t share them here until Christmas cards go out though.
  • We got a letter from the mom of the children that we had through Safe Families.  She thanked us again and said that one of the children asked why they don’t say their prayers before bed anymore.  She said that they pray before meals and when they’re scared but they hadn’t got into the habit of praying before bed but they’re working on it.  I’m so thankful that we had the opportunity to share our faith with them!
  • Is it really mid October!?!  I usually have Halloween costumes figured out and most of my Christmas shopping complete by now.  We’re still working on Janie’s costume.  I think she’s over my themes.




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