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Kids and phones

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I remember talking to friends on the phone when I was in third grade.  I think a boy even called me once.  I lied and said it was one of my girlfriends.  Janie is at the point that she wants to talk with her friends after school.  She actually has a friend with a phone so my phone is blowing up!  It’s just one friend now but I know this is just the beginning.

We have also run into situations in the neighborhood where she wants to go play one block over and she’s too far away to hear us yelling to come home for dinner.  Tim’s family had a cow bell, now that’s an idea!  It would be nice for her to have a phone or at least a watch so I could set a timer or say be home by _____.  She knows the boundaries that we have set and is good about staying within them.

I always said that I don’t see why kids need a phone before 16 years old because up to that point, you drop them off so you know where they are.  I obviously want my children to have a phone when they start driving for safety reasons (hopefully, there will be some advances in turning texting off while driving in the next 8 years because that scares me too).  But now I’m thinking she may need a phone before 16.  I would love to hear your advice and insight on these uncharted waters.  How did you handle the phone situation with your children?


One thought on “Kids and phones

  1. Man!! This is tough- I hadn’t considered situations like this with older young kids! It almost makes me wistful for the days of home phones?? Ha. You’ll have to let me know if yall figure anything out.

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