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I can mash-potato

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I love mashed potatoes!  They’re easily one of my favorite foods (well, side dish since they aren’t really a meal).  However, I never make them, other than once for a holiday.  I needed potatoes for a recipe a few weeks ago so I bought a bag and had lots left over.  I decided to make mashed potatoes and they really aren’t hard.  Makes my wonder why they even sell the fake mashed potatoes since the real ones are so good and easy!  My kids are strange and don’t like them so I had a ton left over.  I take back saying they aren’t a meal because I had mashed potatoes for lunch one day last week.  Anyway, we had so much left that I decided to make shepherd’s pie.


Isn’t is beautiful!  It looks better than it tasted.  I used Rachel Ray’s recipe but I used ground turkey so I think that took away some of the flavor.  I also put in too many peas.  We don’t really like peas around here so I put in the whole bag as not to waste it.  But it was very pea heavy!  I can make mashed potatoes once and get two (or three) meals out of them.  I’m going to try the shepherd’s pie again with the correct ingredients and amount of peas.  And keep pushing potatoes on my kids so they will find out what they’re missing!


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