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I took Janie for an eye exam last week and her eyes have changed quite a bit.  After learning this, we took her to a softball lesson where she got hit in the face with a softball (she has a face mask but wasn’t wearing it for some reason).  No wonder she hasn’t been able to hit or catch a ball….she couldn’t see it!  Her new glasses came in a few days later so hopefully this will help both in the classroom and on the field!  One pair of new classes have sides that change color (purple or pink, of course) and the other pair have bling.

Nolan asked me the other morning over breakfast how things get their names.  I didn’t understand the question so I asked him what he meant.  He said, “that’s a chair, this is a table, and that’s a candle.”  I love to see how little brains work.

This common core stuff in school is ridiculous!  Janie had subtraction math homework last night.  Instead of subtracting, they want the students to make a number line and jump between the numbers.  One of the problems was   76 – 23.  That’s pretty easy subtraction, why not just subtract!  Here’s an example of what they’re teaching.  I can only imagine how frustrated the teachers are with this stuff.  I really hope it makes it’s way out of our schools soon.

We found this outside Janie’s door the other night as we were going to bed.  I’m cool with her loving Jesus more then me!



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