Life with the Bs

F Words


Sept 011

I love the fall and one reason is because of the North Georgia Fair!  They had free admission and rides from 10 – 11 on Saturday.  Free and fair are my favorite F words!  We managed to get 4 rides in while they were free so I was super excited.

Sept 066

Sept 027

It’s a good thing that admission and some of the rides were free because the food sure wasn’t.  But you can’t go to the fair and not eat so we had to partake.  After our lunch of corn dogs, brats and fries, we got funnel cake sticks.  Yum!

Sept 072

I would like to say that I came home and worked out but that would be a lie.  I actually took a nap and finished Emily Giffin’s new book, The One and Only, not working off any of my fair food.  College football fans and anyone looking for a good read, should check out The One and Only.  I love her books and it was totally worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “F Words

  1. YUM- funnel cake on a stick!??! Genius!!!

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