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More tubes

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Nolan got another set of tubes (installed?) and his adenoids taken out yesterday.  The kids are on fall break this week so it was the perfect time to do it without missing any additional school.  Although, seeing pictures of everyone else at the beach and Orlando has been kind of a bummer!  Not that we had any plans for a trip anyway.

We had to be at the surgery center at 7:15am.  It’s in Atlanta and you know about Atlanta traffic.  I was putting a bag together of snacks and things to do while we wait.  I grabbed that and hopped in the car.  We were about half way there and sitting in crazy traffic when Nolan asked for a tissue and I realized that I left my purse at home!  But hey, we had snacks and reading material.


They can’t risk Tim losing any hair in the OR, since that’s obviously a problem for him!  The surgery went well.  The doctor said that Nolan’s left ear was heading for an infection so we had great timing.


He looks pitiful in this picture but he’s been typical Nolan at home.  Two popsicles, a smoothie, and an Italian ice seem to work wonders.  Now the hard part, trying to get him to take it easy for the next few days!


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