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I’m a minimalist when it comes to hair.  I’ve never colored my hair (although I hear that red heads turn white so I know my day is coming) and I get it cut once every couple of years for free when I donate to Locks of Love.


This week, I got to experience a black hair salon with one of our Safe Families children.  She had braids that were looking pretty rough so I made an appointment for after work on a week night.  Little did I know that we would be there all evening!  We left the house at 4:30 and returned at 8:30.  On the way she kept telling me that she was hungry, I was thinking that we would make it home in time for dinner.  She obviously knew something that I did not!  I also learned that taking braids out takes as long or longer than putting them in.  Four hours and $45 later, her hair looks great!  Luckily, the braids are low maintenance and will take her through the rest of her time with us.

One thought on “Hair

  1. What?! If you go white, you should totally embrace it; that would be awesome!! My Nana apparently went white (although she was previously blonde) really young…like her early 20s, I think? And she looks SUPER awesome in all of her pictures. This white-headed young lady with her 5 young kids!!!

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