Life with the Bs


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  • I will never again complain about having to bring 2 children to the doctor.  Four children at the doctor is far worse!
  • Nolan is getting a 2nd set of tubes and his adenoids out in a couple of weeks.  I really hope this will take care of all his issues.
  • Bachelor is Paradise is really dumb but I’m still watching.  They all came to find love, really???  I bet there are a few that wanted to get paid to spend a few weeks on vacation. 
  • I finally asked for a log in for the local library system.  I can now reserve books online so I joined Goodreads and went nuts reserving books.  Unfortunately, they all started to arrive at the same time.  I felt like I was in high school and had to finish all these books before the exam.  Luckily, I can also renew them online.  I’m currently reading The Rosie Project and have The Giver sitting on my nightstand.  I just finished Glitter and Glue.  I thought it was good but not great. 
  • I don’t have an update on the microwave/range hood project.  However, we’ve gone a week without a microwave.  Maybe I can convince Tim that we don’t need a microwave. 

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