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When the microwave died

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It all started with a smokey microwave last week and my mind was racing with pictures of those awesome range hoods.

This backsplash is unusual and beautiful, but, once again, I question the practicality. I ADORE  the range hood, though, and the cabinet color.

I called a friend that had just installed one and he said it was $1,000…..what?!?  So what I did I do next?  Visited Pinterest, of course.  I found a few DIY hoods, like this one for under $50!  Tim’s not completely sold because a) where would we put our microwave b) our deck is still a work in progress c) we have 2 extra children in our home and little time for projects.  All good points but I’m not one to put an idea to rest very easily.  I really don’t want to replace our microwave with another over the range and it’s coming down anyway.  If your microwave isn’t above your range, where is it?  I need all the help I can get to sell this idea!


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