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It’s all in the response


Instead of another post on sick kids (although I have a lot to say after 3 doctor visits yesterday), I thought I would bring you something new.

The other day Tim and I were talking about the response that we’re getting from people regarding our involvement with Safe Families.  It’s strange, you would expect people to be positive, and although I do get some, I get a lot of negative responses.  When people see the kids or ask about what’s going on, many comment, “I could never do that.  I would get too attached.”  Or “Why do people keep having babies that they can’t care for?”  It’s hard to have extra people in your home.  It’s kind of like when people you love come to visit.  You really enjoy having them and entertaining them but sometimes it’s nice to see them go.  You get to have your house and routine back.  So while has been and will be hard to say goodbye, we know that they are being reunited with their family, something that they’re excited about.  And we get to get back to our family life.  As far as having babies that they cannot care for, who are we to judge?  We don’t know the situation that they are in or why they are at this point.  All we know is that they are reaching out for help and we are in a position that we are able to assist.  Their children should not suffer for things that are out of their control.

Tim said it’s like the silly response that he gets when guys hear that he rides a motorcycle.  He said, “I can’t have a motorcycle, I would kill myself” is a very common response.  To which he would like to respond, “so you were born without common sense?”

I’m sure that I’ve responded in a questionable way before.  I can actually think of one when a friend was telling me about having people over and that one of them and their children were gluten free.  Without knowing the situation, I said something about parents forcing their food aversions or restrictions on their kids.  Come to find out, both mother and daughter have Celiac disease.

Why is it so hard to support each other?  For some reason, our human nature is to go negative.  Life is hard enough so let’s be happy and supportive or at least try.  Oh, and thinking before speaking would be another good idea.  I know I’ve put my foot in my mouth more times than I would like to recall.


4 thoughts on “It’s all in the response

  1. Thumbs up Laura!!

  2. I love your perspective and your willingness to help those in need!!

    • Thanks! It’s hasn’t been easy but I’m still glad that we’re doing it. I’ll never get sick of Millie pictures so keep them coming!

      On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 11:27 AM, lifewiththebs wrote:


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