Life with the Bs

First week

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The kids had a great first week of school!  Nolan came home the first day and gave us details on lunch and art.  I guess those were his favorite subjects!  He also told me that Emma wore a very pretty dress and hair bow.  He described it as red with polka dots and curly sleeves.  Is it evident that he has a sister?!?  He also explained that scissors are for cutting paper, not clothes, and someone had to clip down to red for not following that rule.  I can imagine that Kindergartner teachers are amazed as the things they have to say out loud!  Nolan was falling asleep at dinner last night.  He was asleep in his bed by 7:15!  The first week of Kindergarten must be rough.

Janie has lots of old friends in her class this year.  She has also met a few new friends.  She said that one classmate even shares her birthday!  I was telling her that I met two of my good friends in 3rd grade.  We are still in touch today and we were even bridesmaids in each others weddings.  Janie loves school and always hops out of bed.  I hope that never changes!


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