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Best Marketing Idea Ever

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I wish I had thought of this one (and worked for Coke because I’m not sure it would sell IT training).  Would I have bought the bottles above if they didn’t have our names on them?  No.  Have I seen numerous people buying bottles of Coke just because they have the name of a friend or family member?  Yes.  Do we plan to drink our Cokes?  No way, but I guess they could be part of our emergency plan in case we’re ever dying of thirst and the water supply has been depleted.

Marketing genius!  The other day at Target, I was buying the “Laura” bottle along with some school supplies and the man in front of me was buying birthday gifts for his granddaughter.  He too had a Coke bottle and said that he was excited that he found her name, Jamie, on a bottle and planned to put it with her gifts.  People are even using Coke to announce a pregnancy.  Coke didn’t just stop at John, Mike, and Jennifer.  My friend, Star, found one with her name.  Now, I bet that has never happened on a key chain or shot glass!

If you happen to run into a Nolan or Janie bottle, let me know.  I just know that Coke made them with my kids in mind and we must have them!

One thought on “Best Marketing Idea Ever

  1. Hi Laura. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Stumbled on your blog via Kelly’s Korner blog. Your children are such cuties–love your and Janie’s beautiful red hair. Does Nolan also have red hair or is it strawberry blond? Sounds like you are doing a good job of raising them in a Godly way. I noticed that you also follow 3 Kids, a Minivan and a Mortgage blog and The Macs blog. Have been praying for the Mac family ever since they lost their sweet Cora. Also am praying for Lucy Krull. I am a Cobb County Mom to four adult children and Grandmom to nine grandchildren that we adore.

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