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Beach Trip 2014

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We had a great trip to Gulf Shores!  Lots of fun on the beach.  Nolan loved the ocean this time, very different from his first visit to the beach.  We enjoyed the sand too!


We had good seafood at Sea-n-Suds.  Their hush puppies were awesome but I didn’t care for their gumbo.  Nolan ordered a corn dog and when our food came out, Janie told the best joke ever…..hush puppies meet your mom, corn dog!  After dinner, we went to hang out at the Hang Out.

beach201 084

We also ate at Tacky Jacks.  I got the fish tacos and they were okay.  Tim caught some salt water catfish (didn’t know there was such a thing) so the guys fried that up for lunch one day.  It was a fun trip with great friends.  Jennifer and I had our first trip of many to the beach back in 10th grade….just a few short years ago!

beach201 076


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